Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Boys Are Growing Up

I say it over and over again, I just cannot believe how quickly the time flies. It literally feels like just yesterday when we were celebrating the boys 1st and 2nd birthdays, where the mere singing of Happy Birthday had the boys like this:

Give them a year to grow on and they wind up like this:

Happy 2nd and 3rd birthday Mason and Austin! A year to mature, become braver and smarter.
Mason has gone from a crawling, non talking chunky monkey to a running full speed ahead, jumping off of couches, screeching at the top of his lungs, demanding, talking little man.
Austin is the smartest, most observant, bossy, snuggle bug, chatter box around. They have grown into their own personalities and yet you never see one without the other. Opposite as night and day and yet the best of friends. As I watch them grow up, I am amazed at their intelligence, their ability to adapt, their fascination with the world around them and the love they have to give. I am the most blessed Mommy in the world because I have these two boys to spend my days with! They love their Ma Ma more than anything, well... almost as much a trucks, trains and tractors and for that I am so grateful. I eat up every kiss, hug, snuggle, "hold you","sit in your wap" moment that they have to give, because all to soon they will be gone.

See, their love for trains may top the list! Ma Ma and Daddy got them their first train set and they freaking love it! As I write this I can hear them saying "All Aboard, Choo! Choo" It's precious. They are precious!
Loves of my life! Happy, Happy Birthday To You!

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