Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's High Time

It's been mayhem around the West household lately with all of the news about Paxton and I decided it is high time we get caught up with my other two boys!

My Boys On Their First Day Of School (Mason's very first day, he's been waiting to be a big boy like his brother)
Seriously, how freaking cute are they...

Austin wanted to put his "eyes" on for dinner...I pick my battles ya know and besides what a cute pic!

(mmm hmm... those are McDonalds chicken nuggets and french fries. I know, I know...totally NOT organic but hey it's been a heck of a week)

Again, I wonder what they would do without each other. Best friends forever except when they are hitting, pushing or hair pulling over a car. The fighting has begun folks and yet there are so many of these moments...

Would it be weird of me to climb right in the middle of them and snuggle, smell and kiss them to pieces???

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Christin Northrop said...

I read your story on Terrilyn's blog (we are also client's of her's) and as the tears ran down my face I was reminded of the awesome power of God. I pray that God gives you strength during this difficult time and that Paxton stays strong and healthy. God Bless!
Philippians 4:13

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