Friday, October 9, 2009

Paxton David West

We announce with overwhelming pride and joy the birth of our third son, Paxton David West

Born October 8, 2009 at 1:38 PM
Weighing 7lbs. 14 ounces

He has strawberry blonde hair like his big brother Austin. Ma Ma's ever so large mouth and big lips. Masons nose and cheeks or I guess you could say Daddy's because that's where they get it from.
He is amazingly perfect!
Just after delivery, which spanned 4.5 hours, and epidural that did not take, I was able to hold my precious baby boy for a good amount of time. They allowed skin to skin contact and time to give kisses and pep talks before packing him up in his incubator for the ride via tunnel next door to All Children's Hospital. Daddy got to go with him and be by his side.
What we know as of now:

Paxton is obviously in the cardiovascular intensive care unit. He started out on breathing room air only, but had a desat (drop in oxygen level causing his heart rate to plummet) so he was placed on a nasal cannula to help him breathe. When you look at him, he is very blue and this is because his heart is unable to pump the oxygen through the blood as it should. This is a little nerve wracking to me because I can't tell the difference between ok and not ok because he is consistently blue. I would imagine I will get used to this.
They tried to get an central i.v. multiple times to no avail. Then decided to go with a pic line, where the line goes from his leg and into his heart. This, too, was unsuccessful. So, they ended up doing a line through his umbilicus and into his heart. This is a tad more risky for infection, but was all they were able to get into him. Pray that no infection sets in...

He is on every machine and monitor known to man, with the exception of a breathing tube (as of our last visit at 10), he may need a breathing tube if he desats again. We are unable to hold him and will not be able to hold him until well after his surgery. He is not eating at all via mouth and this is due to the umbilical line. The option is not even there. I guess it can be risky and at this hour (4 am) I can't remember why. I am pumping for him after surgery and hopefully he will take to eating. I know that not eating is the number one reason these heart babies remain in the hospital post op and since he won't have even one feed before surgery, I hope he can pick it up after....
It has been decided that he will undergo his first open heart surgery on Monday at approximately 4 days old... I am scared and nervous.
I am also so in love. So proud of the brave, brave boy that is our son! He continues to fight the fight and my Mommy pride is brewing over. I cannot explain to you how precious he is. How perfect he is.
Having him in my arms for however long it was, was such a gift. He is a gift and we are so very, very blessed.
Daddy is doing great. He is super tired, but is doing amazing! Watching your son get poked and prodded at only hours old, is such a tough thing to do, and I am so proud of him for the strength he has had and continues to have on this road we are traveling. He is ONE PROUD PA PA! Glowing from ear to ear!
I am doing ok. I am exhausted, but having a hard time sleeping. I had A LOT of post partum bleeding that required several medications to get under control. I finally seem to be on the upswing of that, but it was touch and go (and messy) for awhile there. I have been blessed with amazing nurses who are really helping me through this and for that I am so grateful!
For now, I will post delivery pictures. He was born wailing and screaming and let me tell you, it was the most amazing sound in the world!

Many, many more to come, but for now I must rest. Please continue to PRAY FOR PAXTON. He has a rough week coming up with a lot of risks involved. Pray that he makes it through like the champ that he is!
Thank you to everyone for their prayers and positive thoughts! We are blessed to have so many people behind us on this journey. We hope you will all stay along for the ride!
I will update after we see him a little later!

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Kandi & Jay said...

Ohhh I had tears in my eyes reading your post- the entire post! You all are such wonderful parents, Paxton is the luckiest little man on EARTH! He is so loved & all I can say is ALL of us reading that post are SO SO SO proud of you & David. You guys ROCK! Jay (my 11 year old!) said to tell you "Paxton is really cute, he looks really strong for a baby!" lol. God Bless & we're still praying for ya'll...

Anthony said...

All I can say is that I love you, and I am praying for you and your family every moment I am awake. Hang in there little tough one, I will pray for you to live and be with us. God hear our prayer and heal him. I pray for the doctors and their hands that you guide them and be with them during all the surgeries. I ask that you hear all the prayers and allow Paxton to breath and heal quickly. To have the strength to get through the surgeries and be an inspiration to all as we see your work through him. God hear our prayer.

Mom of 3 and bride-to-be! said...

The picture of the three of you made me tear up.

I am due with my 4th boy on Feb 19th. We're concerned about not being able to see his "big heart functions" and going for a follow up ultrasound on the 22nd of October.
I pray your son, and my son, heal completely with His help.

God bless, and again, he is just sooo precious!!


Hilary said...

Oh Jenn, I am soooo happy Paxton is here!! He is such a miracle..such a blessing...such a beautiful baby boy! Big and strong, too it looks like :)
I loved the pictures of you 3. I can feel the love and awe.
I am praying for your precious Paxton. I will be praying especially hard on Monday. He is a strong little guy and he has the best daddies (earthly and Heavenly) to protect him.
I am praying for you, too, dear for all the emotions and physical issues that you are going through as well.
I love you girl!
(Oh..and Oct. 8th is a great day to have a baby! My daughter, Raven Sophia, was born at 9:12am on Oct. 8th!)

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