Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Boys

This weekend was the first weekend my boys came to see me here in St. Pete. I missed them so terribly much and to see them, smell them and hear their little chipmunk voices made me feel alive again. They are my whole world and to have them in my arms again was the most amazing feeling. I felt like Mommy again. Even though I am here being Mommy to Paxton, there are not many "Mommy" things I can do for him so it felt nice to be able to get back into my roll again, because as everybody knows the things that matter most to me in the world are my family and being a Mommy.
We rented a condo on the beach for me to stay at while I am here for however long and boy am I glad that we did. The boys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the beach and we had to literally drag them off of it. It was soooo cold out there, but it didn't phase them one bit. It was so wonderful to see them so happy and free out their on the water throwing "rocks" and chasing birds!!!

I soaked them in as much as I possibly could. I took turns holding them while they fell asleep in my arms. I bathed them, changed them, fed them and loved them. Ma Ma's boys through and through.

Then when I see them like this, I know that having each other will get them through these changes in their life right now. They love each other so much and it warms my heart to know they have one another.

My cup runneth over, as always. I can't wait until next weekend when I get to see them again. When we can run around on the beach together as a family and lay snuggled in bed feeling as if all is right in the world.

As I write about my time with the boys, it was equally as emotional and heartwarming to see my husband. I miss him, his smile, his positivity, his kisses, his arms. I know that going through something like this has the capacity to tear a relationship apart, but having been gone from him, I can see that if anything, this will make us stronger. It has truly made us realize how much we love each other, how lucky we are to be together, how we compliment each other and how lucky we are to be the family that we are. I can't wait to have him to snuggle up with in bed next weekend. I am so addicted to that man! To all of my men!

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Masto Mama said...

Hi, I saw your button on Hilary's blog, and after clicking on it, found myself reading through all your posts since sweet Paxton was born.

My son is Gavin (you may have noticed his button on Hilary's blog too), and he is 4 but a different kind of sick than Paxton. He also is stable right now after a long rough couple years.

As I was reading through your posts, I guessed that Paxton has HLHS because one of my closest friends has a 14 year old daughter named Kaitlyn with HLHS. She is amazing, and like a little sister to me.

I'll be praying for Paxton, and for you guys, and praying that the Lord will heal your sweet son's heart, making everything work the way it is designed to in ways that only God can do.

Kaitlyn is 14 years old and she has a fun life! I so hope that encourages you in the midst of the scary statistics--and I so hope that 14 years from now you can say the same about your sweet son.

God bless you....
Carla (

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