Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birthday Lessons

My wonderful husband, in the midst of all that is going on with our son, dealing with the business and unkind people who's lack of compassion continue to astound me, still managed to make my birthday special. The boys went wild over the cake!

My big boy Austin was determined to blow out the candles for me. It was adorable to watch him huff and puff, but he did not give up and by golly he did it!

Then today, after a mini meltdown at having to leave my boys in 3 days, I pulled it together for one last date night before the birth of our third son. As I was getting ready, Dave took this picture of me and he took it because my big belly was literally resting on the counter as I did my hair. It actually is pretty funny!

(Notice my Praying For Paxton bracelet = )

Course, I have to share this last picture! It is my favorite place to be. The place I will miss most while I am gone. I soak it up and relish every moment with my beautiful boys!

If I can tell you anything from all that is happening in our world right now, it's this...
Be kind to people, you never know what they are going through. Have compassion and remember what is really important in life. Go hug your kids a little tighter, find patience where patience is low. Smell them, spend time with them, turn off the tv. Love on your husband in spite of all his idiosyncrasies, cherish the simple, boring moments that make up your life. In a matter of minutes life might find it has other plans for you and if that time comes, be there knowing that you have lived your life like you would if it all came crashing down around you.

I can say that I always have spent every possible moment with my children, but I have found a patience I have never known before. I let them scream a little louder, make more messes, have an extra "special" (chewy lifesaver), I sit with them instead of cleaning, I let them be boys. Try it! It's quite liberating to see them so free and as I have posted before, my children continue to be my biggest teachers in life and I know Paxton is going to teach me even more. Aren't I the luckiest!!!

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Kristen said...

Jennie - I left a comment last week about seeing your website from a link on Terrilyn's site. A family friend has started a foundation in their daughter's name for families who need to travel far from home to obtain treatment for a sick child. I thought of you guys - it's the Clairbear Foundation - I hope that it can help you and your family. Kristen

Marsha Colbert said...

Happy Birthday Jenn! Thinking of you and your family. Travel safe to Tampa and keep us posted. P.S. Welcome to the 3-0 club! It's pretty fun here. ;)

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