Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We're Here

We left around 9 am this morning. Arrived around noon and did not get back to the hotel until around 4. It's been a long day full of lots of pre op tests, of which I am thankful for so that we know he is able to handle the anesthesisa.  All of the tests came back "unchanged", blood pressures were good and oxygen saturation's were low, but acceptable.  They are thrilled beyond thrilled with his weight! Most HLHS babies that go for the Glenn are only able to get to 4.5 kilos and our boy is 7.5 kilos. I am so proud. I was so proud today as nurses pored over him and his doctors bragged about how well he is doing. It warmed my heart and lessened the punch of the risks that had to be thrown at me.  There are many things that can go wrong from a routine cath procedure when dealing with the heart.  He said around 1 in 500. I pray and pray and pray he is not that one.  Paxton is the first heart cath of the day. We will arrive around six to prep him and are able to stay with him until 7:30 when the procedure starts.  

We are at the hotel now and Paxton has yet to move. He is exhausted from all of his tests.  I am letting him sleep.  I will wake him around 8 and 11 to feed him his last two bottles before he is NPO (nothing by mouth)  for surgery in the morning.  I will update when I can and let you all know how he is doing. We will have results and consult with the doctor after surgery. We will also leave here with a date for his Glenn  (the 2nd of 3 open heart surgeries). I have such a pit in my stomach. All of this brings all the feelings I felt those two months we were gone right back to the surface. Just driving into this town does.  We push on through though. We do what we have to do.  We laugh and we smile, sometimes we cry, but we give thanks for our blessings and hand it over to God (most of the time = ) 
He goes in at 7:30 and I beg of you all to please take a moment and pray for our little man! We love him more than words can ever describe and the powerlessness of this is so hard.
I will check in soon!

P.S. Thank you Nana Kimmie for making this trip with me and for loving our little boy just as we do. I realized today how much that is when you nearly tackled the doctor in Paxton's 
defense =).
Thank you Auntie Eileen for taking the older two boys while we are gone so they can attempt to keep some normalcy in their lives. Your friendship is one of my greatest gifts. You just do things without me having to think and right now that means more than you will ever know. I warn you though, you may be stuck with two more boys, cause surely they won't want to come home. = )

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The Simmons Family said...

We'll be praying for Paxton tomorrow. Caths are never fun, but you get used to them. Isn't that sad? Owen just had his sixth in October, all before his 2nd birthday.

It's really nice to get the Glenn over with and you will see a huge change in Paxton.. for the better. Most of the HLHS kiddos thrive after the Glenn. It still doesn't make it any easier though. :(

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Come on sweet Paxton!! I am praying for you!!!!

Melissa G. said...

Praying for peace and strength for you all!

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