Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finding The Silver Lining

Somehow when you have a sick baby, you begin to hear about all the other sick babies. Ones that have done better than yours and ones that are so much worse than yours.  To us, this journey is so hard, but there is so much more suffering going on. It makes me realize our blessings. It makes me realize that in some strange way Paxton is actually healthy compared to others out there. Those who cannot eat by mouth. Who cannot gain weight. Who cannot come home.  He is here with us now.  
He is thriving.  

I am learning day by day to find the silver lining in the changes that have happened in our life. To realize that for every bad moment we are having, someone is having an even worse one.  For every fear we are feeling, someones worst fear has come true.  So I try and try and try to take each day as it comes. To breathe, relax and find pleasure in the simple moments.

Like playing fireman with my Austin who knows that real men wear pink = ) ( it's actually from the breast cancer race)

Or uncontrollably laughing when I realized that this is how Mason put his hat on and how very appropriate that would be.

Or watching the boys excitement as they "dwive" Daddy's truck!

Like seeing the love my babies have for one another!

And having this beautiful baby sleeping beside me every night!

Oh' the simple things in life.  How happy they make me! Like a good meal and comfy pajamas. Like snuggling on the couch with my husband after everyone is tucked in bed.  Like a warm bubble bath and the cool side of the pillow.  My boys are all things comfort and love.  

Yes... there are many, many silver linings!

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The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Beautiful post, again. :o)

Neha said...

After reading this one, all I have to say is - May God bless you today and always with all the love and happiness that you so rightly deserve.

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