Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mommy TLC

Paxton is sick.  He can't sleep. He is uncomfortable. Can't breathe.  Has an ear infection.  Last night proved to be an extremely long night.  The downward spiral started around 7:30 pm just after I put the older two boys down and did not end until sometime around 9:00 am this morning.  The only other time I have seen time crawl so slowly was while waiting to hear he made it out of his surgeries.  He cried and coughed and cried some more.  He just couldn't get settled.  We rocked.  We walked. We tried to eat many, many times. The likes of my nightstand shows that. 

He would fall asleep in my arms and when I would try to lay him down (elevated of course) he would cry.  So finally, somehow, in my fog I thought of this:

His stroller. Oh yah!  I laid him in it and pushed him all around our room.  Until he was finally out. He slept for about half an hour. You know, the just when you doze off only to sit straight up in bed trying to figure out what the heck is going on moment.  So instead I laid off the edge of my bed, one hand pushing the stroller back and forth, back and forth.  This worked for a little while until finally we wound up in the big recliner in our room. He slept on my chest, pretty darn soundly.  I dozed off here and there, stared at the clock moving so dang slowly ( I was just ready for it to be morning) and froze my tushy off.  I couldn't cover up with the blanket because he gets hot so easily. I smelled his hair and kissed him all over.  Eventually, when I knew the sound of my heartbeat lulled him into a deep enough sleep we moved into bed and passed out. ( Thanks honey for this oh' so lovely picture of me =)

What melted my heart the most is that he only wanted Mommy. My dear husband tried to take over for me, but he would have none of that. It made me think of the two months in the hospital when I held him day in and day out soothing him as he healed, apparently he remembers that too.

It was a long night. My heart hurt for him, but we made it.  We went to the doctor today to have her make sure all of that congestion hadn't moved to his lungs, it has not.  We started him on different antibiotics and are trying to keep him hydrated enough to stay out of the hospital. Nights are tough on him. He doesn't want to do much eating/drinking so hopefully with some (more) medications on board tonight proves to be a little easier on him.  

I pray for some rest for our little man tonight.

Thank you Nana Kimmy for coming over today to allow me to catch up on some much needed sleep.  

Thank you God that we are able to spend another night at home together as a family, even if it is in the recliner...

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The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Oh Jen, I can feel your pain with the ear infections! All four of my kids has had problems with chronic ear infections and it is brutal! Ben has been the worst by far.
Any way, did the doctor give you any numbing drops for his ears? They are a true miracle drug! Not cheap but well worth every cent.
Good luck and I hope you all get some sleep tonight.

Lorena M said...

I love that picture of you and Paxton. It's so sweet how he's holding you with his little hand and you are holding him. I love it! Hope Paxton get's better quick so he can get a good night sleep and be super strong for his surgery next month.

Neha said...

I hope and pray that Paxton recovers real soon. He is a fighter and will surely emerge healthy and playful again!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Your such a wonderful mommy! And please girl, I think you look great! I hope Paxton is feeling better! :-)

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