Friday, February 12, 2010

There's A Reason We're The Wild Wild Wests

I like to call it.... Life with boys!

Cause why wouldn't the trunk of a motorcycle be good storage for Valentines Candy...
Pretzels in the nose. Naturally!
This is what I allowed in an attempt to get ready one day! (Notice the McD's diet coke in the background~my vice in life!)
Somehow scrubbing crayon off the mirror, counters and cabinets seemed worth it in order to get a shower and brush my gal darn teeth!

Climbing on the counter to eat the cheese off Mommy's casserole 
(um...McD's diet coke again, I may need to look into detoxing )

Somehow we managed to keep all our teeth and leave with no broken bones. Whew!

By days end, life with three BOYS has done me in!

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