Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Floats, Lollies And Police Cars, Oh My!

We spent last weekend at the downtown parade and I just had to share some pictures of what are obviously two of the most gorgeous little boys on the planet.

Yes, the eyelashes and eyebrow on Austin's right side are white and yes, it is absolutely adorable. Rarely does anyone look at him without mentioning how cool it is. Not sure if this is going to give him an ego boost or make him self consious. Leave it to adults to always point out the obvious right to a child's face.

Oh, Mason those cheeks! Honestly, how am I not to supposed to smother you all day. I always thought he got those cheeks from Daddy until I looked at the picture below and I hadn't realized that I, too, have cheeks. Maybe I need to lose some weight or maybe they are genetic, either way you don't realize these things until you look at pictures of yourself.  In any case, why do they look sooo much better on Mason than me = )

So here he may look like me but when you look at the next picture you will see he in fact looks nothing like me. He is a pro-te-ge of his Daddy!

See! Protege'! Austin is Mommy through and through.

Three out of four of my men.  As my husband always says, "Mamas queen of the castle with four boys in the house." I mean really, do I look any happier. I just love being in the midst of my men!

This picture, oh this picture melts my heart. Look at how the brothers are holding their mouths exactly the same as they watch oh so intently whatever float was going by. It's precious!

This my friends, is what life is all about...

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Kaylan said...

How absolutely beautiful!! You have an incredibly beautiful family!! You are stunning!! And those cheeks, oh, I could eat him up!! What a blessing! Thank you for sharing your family!

Gretchen said...


And so are you! I love reading your blog, even on my down days!

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