Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Three Musketeers

Sooo, this weekend was my first Saturday alone with all three boys. We started out just fine, so good in fact, that I was prancing around thinking to myself " I got this..."  It just so happened that Paxton was sleeping and we were able to do crafts.

That was until Paxton woke up starving and needed my attention.  The boys decided they too were hungry and had to have a snack.  I was so distracted with getting the baby situated that I failed to realize that I left the jar of goldfish on the table and we wound up with this:

Hundreds of goldfish strewn about the table and floor!  Thank goodness for golden retrievers that never cease to be the hairy, slobbery version of my dyson.  From there it was all down hill. The kids turned this house upside down. Which in turn made me glad that I did not in fact get to the mounds of laundry we manage to accumulate, because they would have just pulled every last item out of the baskets.  Yes, it would all still be in baskets because pretty much our closets have become clothes folded in baskets.  

It's bad folks and the best part is there was a load in the dryer and one in the washer as I write this.  Where does it all come from and how do I get so far behind...Oh wait!

This little man keeps me on my toes. He loves his Mama and quite frankly wants to be held all day every day!  Those eyes, they win me over. His smile melts my heart and reminds me that it all can wait! For all to soon, all of my boys will be all grown up and I never want to wish I spent more time with them!

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Gretchen said...

Oh I SO get all that you are saying!!! I have the same issues, and it is hard with a baby, let a lone a "special baby" (been there too!) One quick suggestion that SAVED me with my two younest.... baby wearing! I could NOT have lived without my Ergo with the two little ones! (And if you need a special deal on an Ergo contact me... we can make that happen!)

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