Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Chaos

So I mentioned that Austin didn't do so well at his Christmas play last week.  It was the first time he has ever been on stage. Upon entering the Sanctuary at his school where the play was being held, he was smiling from ear to ear for surely he thought he was headed to a party!  Austin loves parties and seeing all the people got him all excited.  That is until he saw me. "MOMMY" he screeched as he attempted to climb over a pew full of people.  From there, it was all downhill...

Here he is. Happy as a clam. 

And here he is after spotting me: (Priceless)

After an attempt at escaping yet again, he was in the teachers lap for the duration of the program where he stood staring at me without uttering a single lyric to the songs.  Leave it to Austin and his BFF Jackson to require restraint from the teacher during the entire show.  

Now we've really done it!

Somehow I just don't think things will change any next year either! Never put this boy in front of his Mama and tell him he can't go to her. It's like putting chocolate in front of my sister and saying don't touch = )


As you all know Paxton turns very blue when he is cold. I have only attempted a real bath versus sponge once to which he turned a lovely smurfy color. Since then it's been all sponge baths. My husband is a wee bit jealous, I think.  That is until I found this chair to put in the big tub. It allows me to fill up the tub with water all around him to keep him warm. Instead of using those big plastic bins that never really get the water on them unless they can sit up.  I also got the grandiose idea of getting a space heater to keep in this bathroom to help warm the air while we are in there.  I was amazed to find that they have an entire aisle of them here in sunny, typically 80 to 90 degree southwest Florida.  Not sure the logic on this, but in any case I was psyched that I saved on shipping not having to order on online. Paxton takes his baths very seriously:

Dang, he looks like a WWF fighter in these pics! He's really a mere 12 pounds, but 12 pounds makes him a rock star!

I am not sure if the space heater that close to the tub is something my Mother wouldn't lecture me about = ) In fact, I will be counting the number of seconds it will take her to say something to me the first time she sees bath time!

How stinkin cute is he! I love snuggle time right after his bath. He smells so delicious that I just smother him in kisses!

Mama's boys!!! All 3 of them! Couldn't ask for anything more!

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Nikki W. said...

First of all I wish I had a big cushion in my bath tub that looks so comfy( Paxton looks adorable by the way). Secondly, the reason you are finding an aisle of space heater is because of all the " senior citizens" that live in Sunny Florida. Hope all is going well with your family Happy Holidays!!

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