Friday, December 11, 2009

A Holiday Makeover

Look! Look!  Look!  My friend Jennisa over at Once Upon A Blog gave ours a holiday facelift for me. I gave her free reign (yep, she's that good) because I have no brain power or time to help her design it, but wanted to spice things up for the holidays and it's just perfect. Thank you Jennisa. As always, I love it!!!

I am pretty sure I have mentioned a million times over how happy I am to be home, but this takes the cake. My boys belly laughing at me like I am the funniest woman in the world.  The sillier I act, the more they love it. It's loud, fun, happy and full of love!
The video was only after we had a dinner of McDonald's.  Daddy got them "specials" which is what they call things they aren't allowed to have often, i.e. McDonalds.  They had a chicken nuggets, some fries and apple dippers. Only they decided that the caramel sauce that comes with the apple dippers is suitable to dip everything in.

Yes, cause why wouldn't caramel fries be yummy..

Course, I have to update on Mr. Paxton who has only had sponge baths due to his feeding tube. Well, I decided to give him his first bath. Overall, it went well and he seemed to enjoy it for the most part. What I didn't enjoy is that he turned blue from head to toe. This happens when he gets cold or cries due to his anatomy, but it makes enjoying the bath time hard for me. I don't like to see him blue and even with the warm wash cloths I had draped all over him, he was still so cold.  So, we won't be doing another bath like this one until I go get a little space heater to keep on while he is getting bathed.  In any case, he looked so freaking cute!!!

That is his feeding tube (g-tube) in case you were wondering

It even wore him out enough for a snuggly little nap.  

Apparently he still thinks he's squished in my belly and continues to keep his hand over his face like he did when in there.
Paxton weighs eleven pounds now which is fantastic for him! He has also learned very quickly that if he cries, Mommy will come get him. We can't let him cry for long because it's not good for his heart and this little two month old has definitely caught on! He will sleep snug as a bug in my arms and the moment I put him down, he's wide eyed and bushy tailed! Of course, I can't say that I mind!
Tomorrow, it's Mommy with all three of the boys alone while Daddy goes to work for the first time. That is, I will have them for the first time, not Daddy going to work for the first time. I won't lie, I am a nervous wreck...wish me luck and I will be sure to update after the weekend on how I did, that is if I still have my sanity.  = )

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~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Look at that sweet little boy!!! He is just such a cutie! I think that's hilarious about the boys wanting to dip everything in the apple dip! My little girl tries to do the samething, although she prefers just to dip her fingers and not actually eat any of her food! lol.

Lorena M said...

I love how Paxton sleeps with his hand on his face. So cute. Your boys look like they are having fun with mama home. You will do great while your husband is at work, you'll see.

Love from California.

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