Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Little Rockstar

We spent four hours in pre op today. Ekg's, blood tests, chest x rays and the likes.  It seemed to go on forever yet our baby boy handled it like well... a rockstar! He has every reason in the world to be a cranky, crabby baby only he is the complete opposite. He smiled, talked and flirted.  He continues to show us what happy truly means.

We met with his surgeons assistant because his actual surgeon was in an emergency.  We get that.  I spoke to him on the phone tonight at length about plans for tomorrow.  There were some big concerns about moving forward because they forgot to tell me to discontinue his aspirin when they called to confirm his appointment. Aspirin thins the blood and he is being cut open tomorrow. I was beyond livid. In fact, I don't think my husband has ever seen me so mad. I just couldn't believe such a critical thing was forgotten. We have uprooted our lives in preparation for this.  In any case, after talking with his surgeon (whom we love) for some time on the phone it has been decided that we will move forward with plans for surgery tomorrow. He is not worried because the dose he is on is so small. This is not to say that I am not still terribly nervous. Talking to him took the edge off, but quite frankly I am still pretty pissed they forgot such a critical piece of information and I am a wreck that any amount of aspirin is in his system no matter how small the dose. Will you all please specifically pray that there is no trouble with bleeding tomorrow?
We will arrive to the hospital at 6 am with a hungry little man on our hands. He is NPO after 1 am and it's clear Paxton doesn't miss any meals and if he's anything like his Mama he will not be happy about this.  Surgery will start at 7:30 am. It's so hard to wrap my head around the fact this is happening in hours. I am exhausted, scared, running off adrenaline and wired all at the same time. I feel like I am aging by the minute. Surgery will be about 4 hours if all goes well.  I will update when I can. I mean it's not like I will have much else to do while I sit there begging God to let Paxton be ok and wishing time would speed up.  I feel so out of freaking control here. It makes my stomach twist and turn. I feel like I could puke every minute of this day.  
It is out of my hands and so I have to just hand this over. I will hand this over. I pray and pray and pray that my baby boy will be ok. I pray that tomorrow night at this time the surgery will be behind us and healing can begin.  If that happens there was talking of getting his g-tube (feeding tube) out before he goes home.  That would be so awesome and another hurdle jumped for our little man.
It's time to try and get some rest.  Thank you all for your prayers and comments. They lift me up and remind me that our son is so very loved.  I will do my best to keep all of his prayer warriors (you all =) in the know!

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Christin said...

Praying for your little paxton!!

The Simmons Family said...

We'll be praying for you all tomorrow. I hate that they have never told us to stop asprin prior to surgery. After a cath where Owen bled for SIX hours afterwards.. aaahhhh.. I just know to not give it. I don't know why they forget that critical information!!

Get some sleep tonight and know that there are many praying!

cici said...

Stay strong sweet mommy. I would be mad too. Sometimes Drs. assume everyone knows about aspirin effects and surgery :(
Rest your weary head tonight and know that little Rockstar will be taken good care of and be watched over and protected from harm. Tomorrow remember Faith, hope and love will see him through.Waiting to hear good news :)

Kaylan said...

Again, I want to let you know that I am praying...I am praying now specifically for no trouble with bleeding. I know that Pax will come out ok. He is such a fighter!! Dear Lord, we come again asking for your protection over Paxton during his surgery. I pray that there will be no bleeding troubles. I pray that the amount of aspirin that was in his system in no way affects his surgery. I also pray, Lord, that the success of the surgery will also allow for his g-tube to be removed before going home. What a blessing it will be to have this out of the way!! I pray, Lord, for Jenn. I pray for her nerves, I pray for a calmness that she cannot fathom. I pray that she will leave her worries with you. I pray that tonight comes quicker than she can imagine. I pray for the next few crucial hours as Paxton is in surgery now, and Jenn is, no doubt, beside herself with worry. I pray now that you calm her nerves, rub her shoulders, and bring her peace. We love you and praise you for what you have done and what you continue to do. Amen

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