Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Days

Hello, Hello! It has been awhile. For starters, I was sick last week with an awful migraine. I felt it coming on and went to the chiropractor and even got a prenatal massage from my dear friend, but to no avail. It came anyway and I was laid up for over two days vomiting and writhing in pain. Big thanks to my sister for all of her help with the boys during this time, thank goodness for spring break. It killed me that I could not get out of bed to be with my boys. I could hear them and all I wanted was to go and snuggle with my babies. It is a very helpless feeling when you are that sick and all you can do is just wait it out. There is migraine medication that works wonders but I am unable to take it when I am pregnant and yet I seem to get the most migraines when I am pregnant, argh! As awful as it is, it so worth the pain, although I have stated on more than one occassion if I can deal with the pain of migraines, I can most certainly do natural labor. Hmm...still on the fence about that one.
Now that I am better, I most certainly wanted to update on my boys. Let's just say they are amazing. Most important on our update list is that they are...drumroll please.... "PAPPY" (pacifier) FREE! I cannot even begin to tell you my joy at finally getting rid of them. I was such a wreck about taking such a comfort from my boys but I knew I had to bite the bullet at some point. There was one day that was really hard, especially on my highly addicted Austin. Nap time nearly put me over the edge. He lost it beyond lost it. Kicking and screaming, like losing his voice screaming, but I did not give in. I sat with my head in my hands and asked for the strength to finish what I started. It was hard to do on my own, Dave was at work, but now that we are on the flip side of things I am proud of myself and BLOWN AWAY by the boys! They adapted so much better than I could have ever imagined and I must say I can already see that Austin is talking more without "pappy" being in his way. WAY TO GO BOYS!
Austins speech is improving rapidly. He is now working on three word sentences. He is now calling his brother by his full name instead of "Mae Mae", it is so cute to hear him say Mason. It is almost always followed by a "NO! NO!" You see, Austin thinks he is boss and continually tells his brother what he can and cannot do.
Coincindentally, Austin has been super into babies lately. I can't even fathom why, but it gives me hope for October. He also ran a kiddie race this morning and did well. He ran back and forth across the street like a drunkin' sailor but he finished none the less. He proceeded to run up to me with his green ribbon as proud as proud could be and I was glowing from ear to ear!

Mason is doing amazing as well. He is talking so well, walking, running, getting into trouble and unable to follow directions in the least. I have a feeling he is going to give me a run for my money. It's the gorgeous grin he gives me when he knows he shouldn't be doing something that makes me wonder. Only to turn around and snuggle with me after bath time for minutes on end soaking up the TLC from Ma Ma. He is super into rocks still and loves to show off his boots, nevermind that he can barely walk in them, he just knows how adorable he is in them and thats what matters. Like Ma Ma and her heels.

I love it! I love my boys beyond measure. Each day they astound me with their continued intelligence. We have had a lot of fun in the past few days and I am going to post some pics of them. We bought a kiddie pool and have had fun in the driveway splish splashing around enjoying the start of Summer. We had the kiddie race and an Easter egg hunt today in my parents neighborhood. The boys did good collecting eggs although the bigger kids ganked most of them from them, but they handled it well.

Tomorrow is Easter and what a day to stop and give thanks for blessings in life that we would never have without Jesus Christ. May you all have a blessed day and take time to remember what is important in life. Until next time, enjoy my baby boys! We could all learn a lot from these little men.

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