Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

The Easter bunny came and went. He "left trails in our house!"  

Trails that led to buckets of video games and bubbles for my baby boy.


We hunted eggs several times and Pax found the golden egg both hunts!  He got a toys r us gift card and "$5000 dollars" according to Mason. It was in actuality, only $5, but I love the enthusiasm and a guy can dream right. ; )

And if anything fills me up, it's seeing their excitement.  The Easter bunny didn't put candy in the eggs, but rather the ever so popular squinkies.  They are perfect for my ocd, hoarding boys.  

In Fontan, HLHS, Mommy never stops worrying news. Paxtons incision is all of a sudden very red and swollen.  I am terrified its getting infected and we are going to wind up right where we just came from. Quite frankly, if I didn't have nurse peeps to calm my Mommy heart, we would have probably spent Easter in the ACH emergency room.  But, there are i phones that send pictures and friends I have made along the way that ground me when I freak my freak.  Thank you, you know who you are.  Prayers that whatever this is at this point, gets better in the next day or two on its own.  My hope is that he bumped into something and pissed off that ultra fragile area at the moment.  I want him home, I don't want him poked or prodded anymore. I want him to know normal again because all his little mind knows right now is that the sight of a syringe makes him run off, the drive on I-75 has him pleading "no hospital, no hospital" and you cannot so much as even lift his shirt an inch before he then freaks his freak in an attempt to hide his boo boo's from any and all prying eyes.  Bless his heart, literally. Pun intended.

He loves him some Mommy right now. Won't let me out of his sight. Won't let anyone change his diaper, clothes or move him without screaming for me.  We have bonded, the two of us, in ways I never wish we had to, but ways that formed a trust and love beyond measure.

Happy Easter dear friends! I hope that you were able to enjoy each other. I know we did.   Separation always looming over our heads tends to make every moment all the more precious.

That's good, good stuff right there....

Love and hugs~

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Amy Bennett said...

OH I love this - especially that last pic - GORGEOUS!!! Will be praying that incision redness is nothing more than irritation from bumping it! Please keep us posted!

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