Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Beloved Nanny Max

We were lucky enough to have met her nearly two years ago.  I will never forget when I met her in Paxtons hospital room and she looked at me and said "you have had three kids, holy crap you look amazing!"  It was true love!
Girlfriend took us on full speed ahead.  Took over like she owned us and never looked back. Neither did we.  We never worried about a thing from there on out.  She was our boys nanny, my personal assistant because we all know I can barely remember to get dressed in the morning, she kept our house spit shined and above all was my friend. She knew when to step in and when to walk away. She was around for some pretty deep shit in the West family and kept on trudging.  If anyone was sick she brought us what we needed. If I needed a good cry, she put me to bed and told me not to move.  If I needed a good laugh she was more than good for that! I mean, I have more memories of her making me pee my pants than I can count.  And last night we said good bye after two years.  Two years of watching our boys grow up.  Watching Pax get sick and better, sick and better.  Tampa rundown hotel make the best out of it trips, Tommy B's "mellow"girls night,  Larrys (duh!), our Friday afternoon gossip sessions, picking out my outfits for all my events (cause you know I am so famous and all), teaching me how to be a diva, M.I.A.M.I trick, fort myers beach summer, usher, jason aldean, key waden boat days, janet days, max show days, post up, pax saying "oh shittt" and finding out who really taught him that.  After two years the list goes on.  What I know right now is my girl is on a jet plane alone and heartbroken.  She is headed back to her birth country, but America is her "home" country. Maxine Rose we love you and adore you and will never, ever be able to thank for all that you have done for our babies and for our family.  You were not only our nanny Max, you were my very dear friend and always, always will be.  So as per our style we will carry on with the rest of the story in pictures. (all are i phone pics and some are better than others, but all moments never to be forgotten)

lake june baby

goodbye nanny max night (lots of tears)

typical max fashion

the west boys "posting up" learned courtesy of max

tommy b's~so fun! 
boys famous xmas pic courtesy of max

en route to MIAMI for nanny max's 21st

SO max!!! 

bloody's in miami

true love

max and her boys

max and her special boy

cinco de mayo


key waden!

always entertaining her boys

biggest goofball i know

you know your best friends when you hug feet

heuey, dewey and leuey 
my most fav pic of us everrr!

Love you Max. It's not good bye, it's see ya later!
~Love Betty, Ron Ron and your precious boys!

courtesy of our other half~morgs

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Neha said...

Must be hard on you, Max and the boys. Hope you all are doing fine.

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