Friday, September 23, 2011

Austins 5th Birthday!

Dearest Austi Bear~

I look at you and melt.  Your sweet, angelic face had me from hello. Your coy smile wins me over every time.  I absolutely adore the little gap in your bottom teeth and your dimple, oh those "dimpies"  are the cherry to my sundae.  I canNOT believe you are 5!  I remember the day you were born like it happened minutes ago.  You have been amazing from the moment we met you and for all the struggles you have had to conquer you rally through like the "super hero" you really are.  You fought physical therapy tooth and nail and today we couldn't hold you back if we tried. You have opened yourself up little by little and in a mere 3 months we have seen enormous strides in your personality.  You are obsessed with me today just as deeply as you were the day you were born.  You are my golden boy and Daddy says its time to "cut the cord". I say that cord can stay as long as you like.  I love when you climb into my bed and snuggle up against me.  If I could bottle your smell I would.  I love your belly laugh like I love french fries and if I could listen to your sweet, precious little voice all day every day I would.  I am so stinking proud of you for taking the last two years and fighting them like hell, but also fighting through them.  You were lost when Mommy was gone~ heartbroken and sad, but you pushed through when I was worried you were forever hurt.  My resilient, strong boy has come back stronger than ever and my pride continually flows as I listen to you spell your name or watch you love on your baby brother.  Some days I think of how deeply I love you and your brothers and it scares me.  I will never be who I was before you. I can never go back to that freedom, not that I would want to, but know that so long as there is air in my lungs I will love you, be here for you, fight for you and show you the way.  There will never be a day that shall you need me, I won't be there. You will never call and not reach me. You will never cry out and not hear me coming.  I am your Mommy now and forever and that is the greatest gift in the entire world.  "I like you today Austin."  I like you every day for the rest of my life and I am so glad "you like me" too (insert his hands on my face here as he says it) for as a wise Aunt of yours once said, like almost means more than love, because there are people I love that I don't necessarily like today, but "like" that's big stuff right there.  Happy, happy birthday gorgeous, gorgeous boy!

What you like today:

Jack Bode
Stupid Sponge Bob (gahh!)
Sleepovers with Mom
All Ocean Creatures
Noodles, noodles and more noodles
"Daddy juice"

You think you are "almost a grown up" now that you are 5. You boss Mason around like it's your job. Are as kind as can be to Paxton.  Will go to the ends of the Earth for Mommy. Love to play ball with Daddy. Are afraid of monsters to which we bought magic monster lights to keep them all away.  You are now playing pretend play with your toys and making up stories (love to eavesdrop on that) you go to First Pres. Your teacher is Miss Dunwiddie. Your class friend is Cyrus.  You are door man on the playground and open the door for everyone. You say please and thank you all the time. You think burping is funny.  You think laughing is funny just because. You no longer think when I laugh that I am laughing at you (thank god).   You have grown up tremendously over the Summer and as much as I want to keep you little I adore watching you grow up.

To forever baby boy!

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