Monday, September 20, 2010

We're Baaack

As luck would have it, we made it safely to and home from the Bahamas.  There were moments of question that this would happen, say when we walked up and saw this....

"It has like...real propellers...." 

Yah, the miniature stature of this plane did not set so well with my girl and I, all the while our husbands were tickled pink at the horror on our faces...

Needless to say, we executed a very well planned birthday surprise for a dear friend. The trip was much needed of course, somewhat twilight zoney as we ran into a lot of hiccups that merely left us peeing our pants with laughter and sometimes cringing, but nevertheless finding fun with good friends in tow. 

It's late and Mama is tired so I will leave you with a sneak peek until I can download the many pics we took.  They will make you snicker, say what the.... and of course smile.  

(Blech. Crappy i phone pics and really it appears I could use a nap. I get all tired when I don't have kids to keep me a runnin')

P.S. Pax and I are headed to Tampa tomorrow for a cardiology  check up. Please keep your fingers crossed that he is doing well.  It's never easy to step back from every day life to walk through those doors that slap you in the face with a hard reality. 

Until next time, night all!

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