Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cause It Really Doesn't Matter

Holy crazy life batman!

This was the first week of school (pre school that is) for the older two boys.  We are working on getting back into the swing of things i.e. being on time...or semi-on time. So far it's not going so well, but hey we've got time to perfect it right.
My boys however, have shocked the you know what out of me by adjusting pretty darn well this year. I was concerned keeping them off all Summer with me would make starting fresh this year a nightmare, but dangit they have proven me wrong and man am I happy about it.  This week has really, REALLY shown me that as much as this past year has been hard, it has also strengthened us.  Being separated from my boys for months and them learning to adjust without a full time Mommy at home was quite frankly, heartbreaking... I see now though, that for every struggle there is a victory.

And to top it off I am pretty sure I have some of the cutest kids that walk through those doors...just sayin'

We continue to spend the afternoons as if it were Summer, they are after all only in preschool so after long naps, we head outside to enjoy the ahem....humidity.  Luckily I have boys and they don't care all that much.  Hose spraying and bike riding are their activities of choice. Pax thinks he's pretty darn cool in his ride on car too. Have I mentioned how lovely it is to be able to do "normal" things with him.  He lets me know how very much he enjoys it too.

We are working on the boys birthday celebration coming up. Lots of birthdays in the next two months. Starting with Austin and Mason in September and Mommy and Pax in October.  It is SOOO hard to believe all of my babies are growing up so fast. I love it and I hate it all at the same time.

They have evolved into their own little people with their own personalities and I have evolved into an always late, running around like a chicken with her head cut off, forgetting everything Mama who happens to have a heart overflowing with so much love I don't really care about the rest of it.  I happen to have great people in my life that help me along and remind me of the little things I tend to forget.  So I happen to show up for a doctors appointments a week early or forget to grab a bottle on the way out so I have to blow into Walgreens to grab the ready to go ones.  What freaking happened to the Mom who had it all together. I mean I. Had. It. ALL. Together.  Now...not so much ; ) It's ok though because my are they happy and at the end of the day, isn't that all that matters and maybe a little plum tuckered is nice too ; )

Pax apparently hears us when we all discuss how he should be a baby Gap model. I was snapping pics of him fresh out of the bath in his footed onesie and he was posing for me. I have at least 50 pics of him rolling, sitting, smiling, cooing and laughing. He's practicing for when baby Gap or Parenting magazine finally does discover this miracle baby with the biggest, most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen...

Gorgeous miracle baby!  You so have it like that.

 I am so proud to be the Mommy of three of the coolest boys ever!

Good night ya'll hope your heart is as chock full as mine...


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Lorena M said...

So you forget a bottle once in a while, from the looks of the kids you are doing an awesome job! I can't believe how big they have gotten. Pax looks so great, by looks you wouldn't know he had a heart condition, and he seems so happy and in love with you his mama, his helper and his protector. Hope the boys have a blast on their birthdays!

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