Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Mae Mae

Oh, Mason I just don't even know where to begin.  The time, as they all say has gone by far to fast.

 I am so in love with you, you don't even know. I can't describe it. Even as a writer, I don't have words for that. You were born wailing with a head full of "chia pet" hair and man if you aren't the most gorgeous little man ever.

Your cheeks win over everyone who meet you.

Your deep honey eyes are mesmerizing and your little smile melts me at a mere glance.

You are as in l.o.v.e with your brother Austin as I am in love with you. It's beyond endearing to see your adoration for him. It makes me all the more grateful for having you just 11 1/2 months after I had him.  You have begun to lose your baby weight.  Your voice is so deep and as as aloof as you were as a wee one you have turned about as mushy and snuggly as they come! I simply have to reach my arms out and a runnin' you shall come! You have many nicknames. The first one was "Mae Mae" only we have clearly confused you because once you started eating everything in sight we changed it to  "Moo Moo".  To this day you continue to think your full name is "Mason Moo Moo West". Sometimes we ask you just to hear you say it.  P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S.

You finally kiss me on the lips and only me. You apparently don't like to kiss on the lips as you never have, even with me, even when I bribed you, but now you do. It's melts me the way you purse your lips just so.

You love to run around in the buff. You are pee pee potty trained.  You always say "two ones" when referring to two of something.  You are super social like your Daddy.  Not much throws you off, except when you get scolded and then you melt like a snow cone.  You are terrified of thunder.  Have impeccable manners.  You are a "clutcher"; always have to have a little piece of home in your hand whether it be a car or even a rock.  All things automobile or aviation are still your favorite things.  You love Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse right now! You aren't really sure about Paxton, but you are after all the middle child so I'll give you time with that one.

What I do know is that you have handled this past year fabulously.  You were forced to endure a lot of changes without really understanding why they were happening and where I had gone.  You impressed me beyond measure and if ever there was an ache so deep it was physically painful, it was that time I had to be away from you and your brother for as long as I was.  I sobbed over being separated from you, and while you struggled, you handled it beautifully.  You're gonna be good like that Mason.

I loved you as a newborn, but my love for you is beyond description as I watch you grow into the perfect little man you have become.  As much as I want you to stay this size forever, just as I wanted you to stay a newborn forever, I am excited to watch you grow and make your way into the world.

While you may lose your chipmunk voice and those cheeks I love to suck on, I am more than positive with each change the love will only grow more, truly, if that's even possible.  My second born, my second son, the one who taught me to relax and enjoy the little things, I thank you.  You have taught me so much, you continue to teach me so much and my love for you is eternal.  You and your brothers are my life and you always will be.

 I am proud of you Mason. Proud of your determination, your humor, your kindness, proud of the boy you are becoming every single day. I am here for you always and I will love you always. Until next year beautiful boy!

Love you mean it,


Christin said...

Beautiful!! Happy Birthday Mason. My one and only little man is turning 3 in a couple months. It does go by so fast. But this is a great age, they really do become little people!!

Neha said...

Truly beautiful and heart-warming! Many happy returns to the little champ. His cheeks and eyes are to die for!

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