Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Baaack!

Whew!  That was one heck of an illness. Flu like and strange. Knock on wood, none of the kids have gotten sick yet. I pray and pray they don't, especially Paxton for obvious reasons.  It really struck me while I was sick the lengths a Mom will go for her children. I seriously thought I might perish (dramatic, I know! I am known for that) at one point during this illness and yet I somehow mustered up the strength with a little help from my savior, M, yet again, to get up, get ready, pack up Paxton and drive all the way to Fort Myers for an RSV vaccine clinic that is only held once a month for high risk babies. I had no choice but to go and I did.  Saturday, I woke up in tears because I didn't understand why I wasn't getting better and once again I got myself ready (sorta...if throwing on a sweater and wrapping hair in a bun is what you call ready) packed up the older boys and took them to a birthday party. Outside of course so I didn't get any kids sick.  They had a freaking BLAST and it made me so glad that I mustered up the gumption from somewhere deep inside to bring them out to have a good time.  I am not writing this to toot my own horn, I just know that there was a time in my life when I wouldn't have moved for ANYONE when I was sick and the option is not even really there when it comes to my kids. I just love them soooo much and never want them to have to miss out on my account, although it wasn't really anything I could help. In any case, I think... I am on the mend after a full week of yuckies. No sleep and stress will do that to you, so I should have known it was coming. All I can say is this: MAN DOES IT FEEL GOOD TO FEEL GOOD AGAIN!
SO,  I have lots to catch up on which seems to be a trend in my life ; )
One. Yes I know that my blog is still holiday themed. I am working on that. My favorite blog designer is BUSY and I won't let anyone do it but her so I am waiting patiently in line for my turn. It's the very least I can do for all that she has done for me.
Two. Paxton is doing very well. We went to St. Pete yesterday for a check up with his cardiologist. To put it mildly, he's a rockstar! I mean every time we go, the doctor is more and more pleased. He  gained 1 pound in 2 1/2 weeks even with the bout of not eating.  
He continues to do amazing here at home. He coos and smiles non stop. LOVES LOVES LOVES his Mommy! My husband says he won't take his eyes off of me and he pretty much doesn't except when his brothers are hooting and hollering around him and really who wouldn't be distracted by them.  He hates tummy time unless of course he has a mirror in front of him to look at himself in. Course if I looked like him I would smile this big too!

Paxton is still learning head control. Gotta remember he spent the first two months of his life laying on his back and sides in a hospital bed. He didn't get many chances to work on his neck strength ya know cause he was to busy fighting for his life and all.  Fight he did though, and now we are trying to catch him up on all the "healthy" baby things he needs to work on. Since tummy time didn't go so well, we thought we would give this bumbo a shot that we got from baby cribs 
It allows him to see us instead of the floor when he's trying to hold his head up. I'm not sure if he likes it or not... you tell me!!!

As you can see, at 3 1/2 months old, he's still really working on that head control. In any case, this bumbo chair saved us in trying to get him to practice it. When you put him on the floor on a boppy, his head just hangs down to the ground and understandably he gets extremely upset. I would too if I was a centimeter away from the carpet with my nose. This little rubber chair, that gal darnit, why didn't I think of (coulda made millions...) has allowed him to go from this:

to this:

Look how upright he is! My strong boy!  It's pretty amazing a little blue rubber chair has helped him so much.  I recommend it for all babies, but especially for special needs little guys that are behind on the eight ball.  

Austin and Mason are doing well!  We have made some changes and have some things in motion for our little men.  I will post about that tomorrow since Paxton is working up to a full blown wail for Mommy to come pick him up right now!  Blog or Paxton...guess who wins = )

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The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Oh, we love our bumbo too! Well, when Ben couldn't climb out of it at least, LOL!
I am so glad that you are feeling better and soooooooo glad to hear how well Paxton is doing!

Melissa G. said...

Good to have you back and feeling better!
That's so great that the kiddos didn't catch it too!
Your little Paxton is amazing sitting in that chair! I can't believe he's three and a half months already! It feels like i just found your blog and he had just been born!

Lorena M said...

Glad you are all better. Paxton looks so cute in his bumbo, my little boy had one too.

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