Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Masons Milestones

It's really hard for me to believe as I watched my boys wrestle in the hallway this morning that they are going to be two and three in just a matter of months. It saddens me because I know in the blink of an eye they will be all grown up and yet it thrills me to see the growth and knowledge they have gained and continue to gain each day. So I thought I would give some milestones and highlights of where they are in their lives. Today will be Masons day and tomorrow will be dedicated to Austin.

Mason (18 months old):

Is running everywhere, sometimes so fast that he can't stop in time and usually winds up hurt from running into something or falling down from his momentum.

He is definetly my climber as well. He climbs chairs to get on tables and couches to get onto our bed. He has yet to be badly injured but I fear the day is coming. See here, on the table reading a book.

He has also decided to put himself on a diet, I would say he is approximatly 29 lbs. He has gone from a little man who would eat anything and everything, to picky peter. His love for fruits of all kind (except pineapple) would sustain him if I allowed it. What he does eat, he eats by the fistful as evidenced in this picture:

He has a clutching frenzy. He must have some small item (much to my Mothers dismay) at all times in his hand. It can be a rock ("rock-e" as he calls them), a quarter, a bouncy ball or any very small object that one may fear he will swallow. I do not panic, but every person that sees him with something in his hand does, and I let them know that he will not in fact, try to swallow it, he just wants to clutch it. Dave has named his rock "Henry" and although we have gone through many Henrys and Dave even took him to the dog track for good luck, we always find one hiding in the most unexpected places. Yesterday we went out just Dave and I, and as I was getting into my car, a Henry fell to my feet, reminding me of my boys passion for all things small...

Mason loves shoes. He may be a little metrosexual in that way. As shown in the picture above of him on the table, he is in his pajama top, his diaper and yes, shoes! He loves them and would wear them to bed if I let him. I think he loves them because they symbolize going bye-bye so he figures if he wears them, at some point we will leave. That said, you must be careful when you break out the shoes if he doesn't ask for them and you aren't leaving RIGHT away. The shoes can only go on the MOMENT you are ready to walk out the door, or all hell breaks loose that he might actually have to wait. We have learned our lesson, the HARD way!

He loves to make airplane, car and motorcycle sounds. Anything that has a motor in it, he likes to imitate. He definetly gets this from his Pa Pa West. It's adorable.

He loves to swim and jump in the water.

He is obsessed with his Ma Ma. He says my name like a little Italian man. "Ma Maaaa" Its so cute. He literally will not let me walk out of the room without following me. Today I was getting ready to leave and he was in the bathroom with me playing and at one point he was playing and holding onto my pant leg at the same time. So endearing and I eat it up because I know before long he will be Mr. Independent.

He loves to help me around the house. He unloads the silverware from the dishwasher. Puts laundry in the washer and takes trash and puts it in the trash can. Sometimes he gets confused though, once I found a diaper that was meant for the trash in the silverware drawer.

Words he is saying so far:
Ma Ma
Da Da
choo choo
Amy (pronounced "Me Me" Austins speech therapist)
no no no!
juice (pronounced "jew")
Ashley (pronounced "Sha Sha" their Auntie)
Rock (pronounced "rock-e" we don't know why he puts the e on the end but its so cute we don't correct it)
teeth (this means he wants to brush his teeth, which we the boys do like 4 times a day because they think it is so fun, I hope it stays this way)
bad boy

I am sure there are more words that he says but this is what comes to mind thus far tonight.

My baby is getting so big. He still has his chubby cheeks and chunky legs, both of which I cannot stop biting and sucking on. I love that baby fat and never want it to go away but I know, as Austins did, that one day soon he will be a little man. My love for this child overwhelms me. I pray the day never comes that he doesn't want to sit in my lap and rock after he wakes up. I pray that he will always be a "Ma Ma's" boy and want to snuggle. I pray that the future is promising for him. I pray that he is a good man with good values. I pray that I am blessed to watch him grow up healthy and strong just as I was blessed to watch come into this world healthy and strong. Each day my baby grows up more and more and each day I give thanks that I am here to watch him do so.

Beautiful boy, how I love you more than words could ever describe.

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JJ said...

Great story Kid, and how the love comes through. How special is life and how often we take everything for granted. Cherish every moment as you are doing..LOL JJ

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