Thursday, May 7, 2009

Austins Achievements

My boys are growing up fast so yesterday I wrote about Masons milestones and today is Austins day. It is extremely hard for me to believe my first born is going to be three years old. I find it funny how in Motherhood, time seems to fly by yet it seems like just yesterday he was born. What I am thankful for, is knowing both. For knowing how quickly it flies by allows me to relish each and every moment and I can truly say that I do. There may be days where I might not have a shred of energy left in me to get up, but I do because I know, and I literally think this too, that there are millions of women out there who would give anything to have what I have. To have children to tire them out and children to get up to. I am blessed, I know this. I look at Austin and I see how far he has come and he makes me so proud!

Austin (32 months old)

Loves his brother beyond measure. Whenever he is not around, Austin asks for him. If Austin is at the table to eat first and Mason is not yet there, Austin will call out "Mason, dinner!" It's so cute!

Yet also loves to boss his brother around day and night. It goes something like this "Mason, no no!" or "Mason, eh eh!"

Austins best friend at the moment is Jack, who he goes to school with. It changes from time to time. It used to be Lanie but Jake has taken the cake for quite some time now. It's very sweet.

Is beginning to imitate things. He takes his animals, like dinosaurs, and makes one the Mommy dinosaur and one the Daddy and they kiss or sometimes they eat each other, depending on the day. ; )

Knows where "his baby" is. He will pull up my shirt and kiss my belly. Priceless.

Has started to sing, dance, do flips, march and run in circles until he falls down.

His speech, which he was delayed in, has taken off and the number of words that he says could not be written here because it would be endless at this point. The best improvement is that he is beginning to use sentences now which was a big goal for us.

He can count to 10!

He knows about every other letter of his ABC's.

He knows his primary colors and a few um...not primary???

He LOVES "Daddy's boat" and swimming, the beach and all things outdoors.

His favorite movie at the time is "dog movie" which would be BOLT

His manners are impeccable, most of the time! He says please and thank you for nearly everything. He says excuse me when he burps and we are now working on no, thank you.

His favorite foods are... ahem... french fries (definitely gets that from his Ma Ma) cheese, yogurt drinks, pasta, sweet potato fries and animal cracker. He rarely eats meat unless I sneak it in somewhere and there are very few times that I can sneak it in without him noticing. This makes for variation in meals a bit difficult and I almost always have to make two meals. One for us and one for my picky boys.

He could play with bouncy balls all day.

He loves his kitty "Harley"

Is still a very sensitive, kind little man. Even his teachers have commented how sensitive to others he is. It upsets him if anyone is upset and he will almost always start crying himself or the latest twirl his tongue around trying to be a big boy to stop from crying.

Would give a limb at any given time to go "bye bye" He just loves to go out and be in the world.

Gives the best kisses ever! He puckers up his lips and says "mwa" when he does it. He gives them so freely to me right now and I just love it and take advantage of it to. I make the poor guy give me more kisses in a day than humanly possible but he always does.

Oh' yes! He's a streaker! The boy is never happier than when he is running around buck naked. He knows how to get his pants off now and of course his diaper. Most of the time, I just let him run around naked, which has led to many surprises but the more I resist it the more he does it. I am not sure what the UPS man thinks when he comes to the door and Austin is looking at him through the glass, naked...

(Here is he is, completely naked and hiding in my closet so he doesn't have to get dressed)

He is, much to Daves dismay, a Ma Mas boy as well. Austin always has been a Ma Ma's boy, that's never changed. He is so kind and sensitive to me. Instead of time out, if he say kicks me, I will pretend cry and it's all over. The mere thought of upsetting me sends him through the roof. I feel like it's kind of cruel but our pediatrician says if it works, use it. He needs to understand that kicking hurts people and he has yet to kick me ever since I started that. He melts into tears and hugs me and wants to make it all better. I love that he has a sensitive side to him. He definitely gets that from me. I am not sure how my husband feels about it but I know it will serve him well in the future.

My boo bear. The amount of love that fills me up over this child is indescribable!

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