Friday, May 1, 2009

"A Beautiful Message"

Today I had the most amazing thing happen to me. The most unbelievable part is that I was just going about another normal day with the boys and this message came my way.
I was at our clubhouse sitting in the sunshine while the boys had swim lessons. A lady walked up to me and asked if Austin and Mason were my boys. (She heard their swim instructor calling them by name) I said that yes they were and she proceeded to tell me that she had two boys, named Austin and Mason. They are 13 and 10. I thought this was amazing. How rare that someone with two boys would have the same names as our boys and lived in our neighborhood. She went on to have one more child, her girl, who was there at the pool with her. I told her we were hoping for a girl too. I went about enjoying the weather and thinking how funny it was that I had come across this lady. Once the boys were done I went over to see their progress and then began changing them out of their wet suits. Only then did I hear the same lady call her daughter by name. Can you guess just what name she might have had... Yes, her daughters name was Tadem. I nearly fell over. I continued to finish changing the boys, not realizing yet that I was shaking. As we left, I told the lady about Tadem and we were both blown away by the coincidences in our lives. I got into our car and only then did I realize I was shaking. I felt overcome with an emotion I couldn't really name. I felt there was meaning to this, only I did not know what it was...
I tried to think of someone that might have some insight into this and knew just the person. This woman is one of the most kind, thoughtful, and real people that I know. I still find it a blessing that we came to know each other. I texted her my unusual story and asked her what she thought it might mean. Moments later she called me. She said it was a beautiful message, showing me that life does not end. It was a message from God and as I have said so many times before, he comes to me in my darkest hours and he surprises me when I least expect it. Thank you, S, for helping me find the message in such an unexpected moment. For always helping me find the "beautiful messages" in life.
Although I am still spotting off and on just a bit, the doctor assures me that the baby is fine. So I am trying to let it go and enjoy this pregnancy as my belly slowly begins to grow. I find myself happy that I wake with an ever so sore back from odd sleeping positions. I love the ligament pain and all of the "annoying" little things that accompany pregnancy. I feel blessed to have them all, for it means that my baby is ok. I had none of these things with Tadem; I never even gained a pound in 16 weeks. I am pretty sure I have gained weight this time around. If how much I eat is any indication ; ) Lets just say, this baby loves potatoes! After Austin, you know "the first born," we were so busy with him that we didn't take the photos we should have during Masons pregnancy. With Tadem, we took none, although there wasn't much change to show. I have vowed to treat this pregnancy and any future ones (hee! hee! to my husband on that one) just as if they were my first. That said, here is my 15 week belly shot. (Warning, I look like I just woke up. In reality it's 5 p.m. and I am beyond exhausted)

With strict orders from my doctor to relax and have faith that things will be ok, Dave and I decided we needed to de stress after our scare earlier this week. So we packed up and went out with the boys for a day of family fun. The boys love the boat as much as we do and we had such a blast enjoying the beautiful weather and each other.

We played in the sand, chased fish, caught a crab, and went in the very cold water with Daddy. Mommy couldn't suck it up enough to do anything more than sit in it.

Until they eventually tuckered out and fell asleep in Mommy's arms.

There is nothing better than a day of good family fun with tuckered out children to boot! Once again I feel blessed for my wonderful family, for the beautiful life we have, and for the ability to be able to take a day to enjoy one another.

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