Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long Time No See

My goodness am I due for an update. Well, for starters, we had an amazing time on our Disney cruise.

The boys were in awe of everything and completely tuckered out by the time we returned home.
We did not do so well during the safety drill. (As in, the staff let us sneak out early because Mason was wailing so loud. Nice job Mae)

We ran into some bad weather but that did not stop us from having the time of our lives together as a family.
We played and swam in the rain! Had 12 to 14 foot swells from a storm that had me clutching the sheets with my toes, the closet doors swinging open and closed. The boat was creaking so badly that I wondererd if we were going to make it home in one piece, but we did! Nope, it did not bother the boys one bit, in case you were wondering.

We vegged and watched movies. Disney movies of course, and if I see Madagascar ever again I may lose my mind.

We ate! Well... Dave and I did. The boys were to enamoured with everything going on to eat. Man, I wish I had that problem. Mickey ice cream bars meant for the kids were Dave and I's desert of choice!

We slept, yippee! Some of us were so overstimulated (ahem...Austin, that we had the 2nd most awful meltdown/tantrum to date. We were only mildly concerned security was going to come and see what we could possibly be doing to make our child cry and scream so loudly, eventually he passed out as seen below)

We made wonderful memories and plan on making this an annual family trip!

I was 18 weeks pregnant, here is a belly shot:

Other moments to remember: The boys did not go to the nursery. They paged us the moment we were completely relaxed and sun screened up that Austin could not be calmed. We attempted our first movie with the boys in there theatre. Austin did awesome. Mason, not so well. He lasted 5 minutes and the whole time he was screaming "WOW!" so loudly that everyone was staring. Austin is now a dunkaholic. He counts to 3 and puts his whole face under water.

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