Friday, May 15, 2009

Boy or Girl????

I am 17 weeks pregnant and today we were blessed with another look at our precious baby. We are getting ready to set sail on Sunday so our Doctor wanted to make sure everything was ok. As it stands, everything is PERFECT! Our baby is absolutely beautiful! Biased, I know! I felt such tremendous relief today as I felt a wave of peace come over me laying there on the table that maybe, just maybe, this baby's gonna make it after all... Our ultrasound tech gave us the option of finding out the sex and of course we declined. Who can stand it? She said that she wasn't going to look, but I told her to. She has always been the only person to ever know what we are having and I had to keep the tradition going. She has been our tech through two previous full term pregnancies, a miscarriage and now this one! I think she loves to be the only one to know and I think its pretty cool myself. So, Dave and I turned our heads as she tried to peek around down there, however our baby decided to be a West and she was unable to determine the sex because S/he had his or her hand smack right between his or her legs. She could not get the baby to move from that position and I was rolling. If there ever was a sign for a West baby, that is it. I couldn't help but wonder right then...if we might have another boy on our hands. See, my Austin bear has a penchant for his pee pee, much like his, ahem...Father! Or all men I presume = ) We got a picture although to untrained eyes you can only see the fist. In any case we couldn't stop laughing! So we tried the ultrasound another way, no need to go into which way, ladies if you have done this before, lets just say, we did it like an 8 week ultrasound would be done. And there it was! She gave us a clue! Wanna know? Wanna know? She said, "Well, I will give you a clue. It's a boy or girl!" Hee! Hee! See how fun this is! I won't lie, today was the strongest urge I have ever felt at wanting to find out, but I did not. Even if Dave said, go ahead babe, I don't think I would. I cannot explain how amazing it feels to be on that delivery table after 9 months, wondering who you are about to meet. It's absolutely awesome! I haven't forgotten that feeling and although I am hangin' on by a thread, I will wait. After all, it will be here before we know it. Look, Austin and Mason are nearly 2 and 3! Time flies and I relish this excitement!
As for the rest of us, we are packing and packing! We are so ready for our Disney cruise on Sunday and I will be sure to take lots of pictures to share and plan on trying to post a pic of ALL the stuff that two children need for a 4 day trip before we leave. Imagine adding one more to the mix...

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Hilary said...

Well, I give you mad props having the will-power to wait until delivery :) I can imagine it is so fun to finally find out the day you give birth! I for one, cannot wait, which is why we obviously found out the sex of our baby! But I'm just glad you and baby are doing well!
I thought the same thing at my 17 week ultrasound, "maybe this baby is actually going to make it!" And now to feel her kicking's so amazing! My prayers continue to be with you!
I'm thinking....girl! Just so you know :)

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