Thursday, January 27, 2011

I get so frustrated sometimes because I want to write every day. It is SO healing for me, but I have three children and time seems to slip away from me.
We have been busy round these parts.  Paxton had a cardiology check up on Monday and everything came back perfect (well, perfect for an HLHS baby)  I was so excited to hear that he was on the up and up.  Going there never ceases to remind me of where we have been and where we have yet to go.  I sort of always prepare myself for some sort of "issue" to come up, but so far that hasn't happened.  Pax likes to surprise with his, never when you think it will happen, only when you are most unprepared does he up and cause commotion.  That's Pax though and I adore every single inch of him. He is so grown up now. We are on the verge of chucking the bottles and this breaks my heart. He is my last, and it only reminds me that there will be no more "babyness" around anymore.  I could SO be one of those moms that has a baby on her hip until the day she dies, but I am smart enough to know that Pax needs me as do my other two.
He is allllmost walking. He can stand on his own for short bits of time. You can see the strength builiding in his upper body and it makes me so proud. He has been behind the eight ball living in a hospital so much, but he rallies as always and will be off and running before we know it.
He is ALL boy. Plays in the dirt, water, toilets (god forbid they are left open), anything he can get into and make a mess of is fair game.  He really and truly takes no crap from his brothers, can get in on a wrestling match like he owns the place and throws a punch harder than my four year old.  It's quite comical, however telling the other two that he's just a baby doesn't work so well.  And those eyes, gal dangit if telling him no isn't the hardest thing ever. Walks around constantly saying "what's that?"  and "wowwww"  oh' it's just precious!

Austin is so grown up now. Helps me with whatever I need (mostly), refuses to sleep as in, ever, likes to hang with the big kids which happens to be the complete opposite of the child I came home to last year.         He adores his Mommy (me ; ) beyond any sort of measure, truly.  Thinks he's karate kid, superman and a rockstar all at the same time. Is very into picking out his own clothes, socks, belt and shoes.  Rocks my world each and every day.

Mason (Mase, Maci, Moo Moo) is absolutely the snuggliest little man to ever roam the planet. Oh my stars how I adore him.  Mommy he says every day "you're my best friend, arenchoo?"  Be still my heart forever and ever.  He copies brother on every.thing!  Is wicked smart, remembers everything and reminds us what to remember. We were walking through Publix last week and he said "look Mommy, gauze!"  I looked at him sideways thinking where in God's name did you learn what gauze is... I barely know what gauze is ; ) he's a sponge, has the language capacity of a full grown adult. For sure he will outsmart me many times over in the coming years.

I am doing pretty good. Finally starting to feel like the last year is behind us and ready to put it to rest and forge ahead into the future.  I am starting to feel like more of my old self again. I see the Mommy I used to be. I have it together more, remember more, keep up more. Lord knows I have my days, oh yes I do, but for the moment it feels good to have my head on straight.

This weekend I will once again be joining my girls in Lake Wales for a race called Warrior Dash, google it, you will pee yourself and wonder all at the same time what the hell I am thinking paying to do such a thing! Ohhhhh I love a challenge and am wicked excited to see how we do running a 3 mile race over hay bales, through lakes, under barbed wire fence and jumping over fire.  Told ya, it's CA-RAZY.  I am psyched to share with you how it goes.  It's full blown girls weekend and we are all gonna pile in the Tahoe, head North and laugh with the best of them.  Much, much needed!

Praying for fellow HLHS friends Kian and Izaak as they fight big fights in the hospital right now.   It's a continuous fight for all of our babies, but prayers work so big prayers and heart hugs coming your way boys.

I am off for an afternoon work out.  Need to burn it off, release the mind, heal the soul.  It's a sickness I tell ya, but there are far worse vices in life right?

I'll be back on Sunday with what I am guessing will be pretty hysterical pics of us Mommas covered in mud and smiles!



Neha said...

So good to hear about your boys. They are real sweethearts and have their Mommy as their best friend! Lucky boys!

Take care. God bless you!

Zach and Danielle Moss said...

Have fun this weekend and thanks for the prayers! :)

Zach and Danielle Moss said...

Have a great weekend! Thanks for the prayers! :)

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