Monday, November 1, 2010

full up....again

it's fall and man if my boys aren't in heaven.  whenever i feel to chock full of emotion with the path this year has taken, i turn to them and man if they don't make it all better as easily as a kiss of mine to their boo boo does.
so i bask in the glory of my babes until i can manage to wrap my head around it all... all in due time i tell myself. all in due time.

this. is. what. it's. all. about, my friends:

and if the sheer joy on my face in the background of this pic isn't enough to show you how much my babies fill me up then really, i don't know what is. oh' to see them happy and having fun is the best medicine of all. to look at austin, my big 4 year old boy, riding the pony by himself so proud nearly made my heart burst with mama love.

sometimes staying home just isn't what we need so we head to festivals and find happy things to enjoy because last year at this time, i was living in a hospital room with our baby boy watching sick children hooked to i.v.'s try to celebrate a holiday that is not meant to be celebrated in bleak hallways with alarms beeping at every corner.  i met with another heart mom. paxtons heart brother and neighbor at all childrens in fact and we stood in the sunshine reveling in the glory that 365 days brought us.

life is good like that.  drops you to your knees, never lets you forget then brings you through it all...somehow, someway.

these babies, man are they heros.  fighters.  survivors.

us moms...warriors.
fightin' the fight every day and realizing in this moment above how insanely worth it it is.

and so, we rode tractors

and "chuggas" better known as trains

and ponies like big boys

(some of us Mamas got realllly excited over it all, as evidenced by my face once again...)

yes, it's blurry but the face. I had to share.  He is beyond proud of himself here!

we played in pumpkin patches...

and by days end, when we loaded up to head home, all salty from sweat and covered in dirt from head to... toe...

(and if you  know me at all, this is so not ok in my book. clean freak that i am was wiggin out, but for my boys i'll do anything.)

we passed the frig out!

cause we were full up!
of love, life and the gift that is simply being able to do these things...
greatest lesson learned in the last 365 days!


halloween debut coming tomorrow ; )

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