Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Belated Halloween

Seems my posting is as out of order as my life is ; ) that's ok though because life with three kids 4 and under, one of whom is special needs, will always be chaotic.

So without further ado...


Firemen Of The Year: Austin and Mason

 (In their school parade. They were so proud)


Picking out "just one" is serious business!  Oh' Mason how you melt my heart.

Cause what are big brothers for anyway...

And Mommys who clearly waited tables in college, bringing out beverages for everyone.

Miracle baby did not dress up this year because it is far to hot here and he sweats up a storm as it is.  No more taxing on his heart is needed, thank you very much.  We will try again next year.

( Austin is absolutely terrifeid of that skeleton and he didn't think it was very funny that we thought it was funny...)

Big changes from last year on this holiday:

And most importantly, this is what I left for the first time ever (4 weeks) to make it home for Halloween last year. It was the first time I came home since he was born:

And this is what we have one year later! Praise God!

As always, I cannot wait to see what a year brings us next Halloween...

Check back in soon because I have Paxtons first birthday party to do.  That one will take me awhile. I have some amazing pictures done by Rayna Overmyer, a local photographer here who donated her time to take pictures of our miracle boy. Cannot wait to share!


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Our Blooming Family said...

Hey Jenn! The boys look great! How time goes by so fast. Paxton has been through so much in a year but is still such a happy boy. You and the family look great!! Love seeing your blog updates!

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