Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, today started out like any other.

Me: getting up at 4:15 to feed the baby, then go die (almost literally today) working out, then race home to shower before the mayhem begins.

Insert 3 snugly children with sleepy eyes, wild hair, smelling of baby just out of bed goodness...

Mason: "Hi Mommy! Get me some breakfast."

Me: "How do you ask?"

Mason: "Pweaze."

Austin: " I no LIKE yogurt!"

Me: "ok Austin what would you like?"

Austin: " a bar, get me a bar."

Me: " I can't hear you when you talk to me like that..."

Paxton:  "Nanananana!"

Mason: "I spiwed (spilled) it!"

Me: getting a hundred or so baby wipes to wipe off the boy, the bench, the table and the floor.

Mason: "Mommy where you going next?" ( because I'm actually dressed and not in ghetto sweat pants and a wife beater)

Me: " To the back doctor."

Mason: "The bwak doctor? I wanna go to the bwak doctor too Mommy."

Austin: "I wanna go to the store and buy a tractor."

Me: " We are not going to the store today honey;"

Paxton: "eeeeeeeeeEEEEEE!"

Me: "I'm coming Pax."


Me: "Not today and if you whine you can go in your room."

Austin: Proceeds to flail himself on the floor like a fish out of water. Kicking and screaming.

Me: "Lets go to your room until you can pull yourself together."

Me (again): Dragging a 40 pound child with my ever so sore body to his room while he fights me tooth and nail.

Austin:  Insert door pounding and toy throwing madness

Paxton: Now attempting to flip over his high chair by pushing off the table with his feet.

Me: Move Paxton and give him some cheerios.  Clean up breakfast.

Finally leave for the "back doctor" and sink into the chair of my car as if it were the most luxurious piece of heaven ever.

It's the little things when you have a house full of children....

Where did those snugly,  sleepy eyed, wild haired, smelling of baby just out of bed goodness
children go so quickly...


1 comment:

Neha said...

And that's why homes are also called heavens! Doesn't all the mayhem keep you going :)

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