Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Weekend In Photos

Oh' sweet family weekends...

5K road race
Aside from pounding like crazy, my heart is overflowing with love as my babies stand on the sideline cheering me in.
Best fan club EVER!

The boys wanted to run a race too and since their PaPaw happens to put it on, a race is just what they got! Here they are at the start. What I don't show is Mason running zig zag across the track and Austin melting like a snow cone from stage fright.  I couldn't get pics of that because I was tending to Paxton who was sobbing from the loud cheering.
After PaPaws race was a big party and if you know my boys (and me :) we love a party! Slip n slides, water slides and big kids to adore.  I had to carry them all the way up to the top until they got used to it.  The things a Mommy will do for her young ;)
Pure heaven seeing their smiles!
Pure heaven hearing their belly laughs and screeches.
Austin making Mommy have a turn and what Austin wants Austin gets.  My "golden boy" according to my husband. 
Going, going, gone~  (Not sure what is up with my right leg, I assure you it doesn't really look like that)
It was kinda fun! I usually leave being a kid up to my husband, but today the boys wanted me and it's not like I can ever say no to them.  I think I like being a kid...
Slip n' slide of the century, especially when you have Daddy to chuck you down it so you go "super fast"
 Little Mason rolled the whole way down and l.o.v.e.d it!
Paxie kicked and screeched the whole time letting us know that one day very soon he will be in the thick of it all. He wants to be big sooo bad.
Sunday of course is boat day.  We pile on, the wind in our hair, smiles on our faces.  Knowing this is the life and we are blessed. The boys play and swim so hard they fall asleep on the boat ride back.  Love babies so tired they can't keep their eyes open.  Love a day that ends with us snuggled on the couch, finally showered, looking at each other thinking "man this day rocked."

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~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

I just love coming to your blog and seeing all your sweet pictures. It truly makes my day and you just make me want to be the bestest mommy I could be. You go girl! :)

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