Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just The Five Of Us

Imagine the boys surprise when after a six hour drive, which they were pretty tolerant of by the way, they got to stay at an awesome "hotowel" with four pools to choose from.  

Oh' the sheer joy on their faces when Daddy chucked them in the air so effortlessly. I can barely lift them to my hip anymore and he makes them look like little torpedos and boy do they love it!

Night or day we could be found in the pool. Naps were few and far between. The boys likey the water, what can I say.

And stopping to belly up at the bar was always a hit too!  Virgin daquiris with whipped cream cause really can it get any better... I even savored one or two or...well you get the idea, myself.  Delic!

Life is what you make of it and this family is doing just that.  Last year at this time our world was turned upside down when we were told that our son was extremely sick.  Nearly a year later, we are kicking a#* and taking names! Well, actually Paxton is, cause he's always had it like that!

The pure joy this little guy brings me. Can you feel it?

And I'm not sure, but do you think I am in love...

(Mason is wearing his babysitters sorority hat. He's "reppin" as she would call it, and I would so say he most certainly is!)

I had to put this one of Pax on here because it isn't photo shopped. Those are actually our son's eyes! Breathtaking! Quite frankly I am wicked jealous, but proud every time someone comments on them, which is roughly every time someone sees him. Just wish I could say I graced him with those bad boys!

The boys like nothing better than living the surfer life of romping around in all things water, sand and sun. There's nothing Mama likes better than how plum tuckered the boys get living that life!

And maybe, just maybe, Mama gets a little plum tuckered too!

(Thank you honey dearest for capturing this ever so lovely shot of me catching flies!)

We are so blessed to have each other and this time together. 
My heart just swells over seeing how happy and excited my children get 

Oh' this precious family is all I have ever longed for! 

"Juuust the five of us, building castles in the sand!"


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cici said...

love love the catching flies shot.. You so deserve those relaxing stress free moments mama.
Big hug

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