Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer's Here

Why is it that I have never loved Summer more than I do this year?  I can only attribute it to my children.  They bring me back to a time where days are filled with the smell of sunscreen and chlorine. Where bedtimes extend far beyond what they are during the fall.  Time seems to stand still, the days grow long, driveways filled with toys and popsicle drippings.

 Picnics by the pool feeding little bellies...

Running around with brother finding trouble where trouble is to be had

Taking A Load Off Floating About

Or Not ; )

Popsicles To Cool Off The Hottest Of Days

Birthday Parties, Balloons And Cake (Notice The Empty Plate)

Oh' that hat, so priceless!


Because really these two pictures melt my heart.... The obvious love radiates

Yes, yes I do love Summer!

I look at these pictures and know that I am blessed beyond belief and give thanks for the gift that Paxton is in allowing me to never take that for granted! Every day brings me joy!
So, cheers to the months ahead! This is only the beginning!


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