Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Apple A Day Is NOT working

Oh' heavens my babies.

All of them are so sick.  

Austin has a ruptured ear drum and I hear that is pretty painful.  He has been a trooper and quite frankly the only way I knew was when I saw the oozy yuckies coming out of his ear.  My sweet, sweet boy!  

Paxton has literally had a runny nose since before we left the hospital and has since gone from his nose to his throat. He is having such trouble sleeping and within the last two hours has spiked a fever of 102. I got him to sleep as of now and am waiting on a phone call from my doctor on how to proceed.  

Mason has a bad cold, but nothing that is really bad except the exhaustion that comes with a bad cold.  

Sleep around here is few and far between. I am living off massive amounts of caffeine and snuggling the heck out of my babies. Can't say I mind that part.  My to do list keeps getting longer and longer, but I  know in the end that is not what matters.  My thank you notes, Paxtons birth announcements and bills remain untouched on our counter. Gifts I desperately need to get have yet to be purchased.  The laundry is beginning to pile up again. I just got diapers today thanks to Nana. (Mason was in Paxtons size 3 diapers for the day. Amazing what you can make happen when you have to) I am trying not to panic as I watch my list grow and my energy wane as sleep goes out the window. Instead I stop, focus on those three little faces that need me and let it all go.  I am hoping those who are closest to me will understand and those who don't, well...maybe they shouldn't be that close to me.  I try to remember the nights when I was gone with Paxton that I would have given anything to be right here at home in the thick of Mommyhood.   Here I am and in truth, I love it. I love that they need me. That they won't let me out of their site.  I love that this:


seems to be all that makes my little man feel better. This horribly ugly picture my lovely husband took of me reminds me to stop and relish the little things. He won't want to sleep on my chest forever so  I must learn to let go of the stuff that can wait and enjoy these moments. Even the sick ones.


cici said...

What a wise woman you are for your age. All those insignificant things are just that...and all that matters are your family. They will soon be well again, so no worries, no stressing.
P.S Apples give me indigestion. ;)
All you need is love!

Kaylan said...

If my "horribly ugly" looked like that, I'd be "horribly ugly" every day...and TRY TO BE!! You are beautiful, and your boys are so blessed to have such a loving Mama!! I hope your boys start feeling better soon. Praying for a speedy recovery for all and for some rest for you!!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

This is so true Jenn. Those babies need you and that's all that should matter. I hope your household gets to feeling better soon!

charity said...

Oh i love that pic, it is so beautiful! You are beautiful! You couldnt possibly take a bad picture, and to see lil paxton all snuggled on you is so awesome!
Love you, and being in the thick of mommyhood is a beautiful thing

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