Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life With Boys

Oh. My. Word

It starts innocently:
So cute, playing in the shower, until I  realize this:

Covered in my hair conditioner.  Not cheap stuff and truly he is proud!


Dumping cookies all over the floor on purpose

To play hide and seek "finning" them! "Fine em' Aussin fine em!"

Course there's falling out of the bathtub just for fun...

And hiding in Mommy's hamper only to have brother spoil the surprise

And climb on in to see just how much the thing can hold

And really who needs clothes or rest...Why not strip and climb all over the furniture instead of napping!

Or rearranging your furniture and throwing your mattress on the floor to play "SUPERMAN!"

Thought I ought to point out the touch up paint on the wall in these pics too, because life with boys means taking a car to bed each night and using the wall as a racetrack.  Needless to say, the touch up paint didn't work so I guess it's time to paint the whole room.

And my personal favorite:

Pizza party in the driveway...

And when you get full, make sure you store the leftovers in an appropriate area, like the trunk of your ride!  HAHAHA!

Yes, life with boys keeps me cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, making sure no one gets hurt and of course laughing!

Love me some boys!



~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

That is too cute! Man, I guess the saying boys will be boys is true. Ha! Enjoy them all and hoping you guys have a great summer!

Kaylan said...

OH I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!!! The nakey pics are PRICELESS!! My boys would be right there with them!!! Isn't is wonderful!!

Lorena M said...

Oh my I thought my son got into stuff I think your boys have mine beat. Wait till Paxton is old enough to get into the mix. I love the updates.

Christina said...

How awesome!

It's good to know the sort of antics I have to look forward to. Our first and presently only son is 10 months right now, and he's already begun doing crazy funny things.

Thanks for sharing!

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