Friday, August 21, 2009

Sea World

We decided since the boys are so into all things marine animals, to take a trip to Sea World this Summer. We got home last weekend and I am just getting around to blogging about it. It took me this long to recover and this long for my "cankles" to go down, ha! We did however, have a blast.
For starters, a friend told us about this amazing resort to stay at. We took her advice, as I often do, and booked a place. We are not talking your typical hotel room. No, we got a three bedroom villa that was decorated ahem...nicer than my own house.

The price was unbelievable, thanks to the economy, I am assuming and this set up allowed the boys to have their own room, my sister and brother theirs and we had an amazing master suite. Just so you get an idea of how nice it was, I did not feel the need to wear my shoes 2-4-7 as I do in a hotel room. I did not wipe anything down and even used the kitchen. For those of you who know me, I am a germ freak. I wipe everything down wherever we go, always wear shoes, don't let the sleep on the bedding and most certainly would never sit on the floor and play. This place, however, was cleaner than my house and the boys loved it!

Not only was the room/mini house nice, but they had a waterpark for the kids to boot! I mean seriously, it doesn't get any better than that. The boys, especially Mason, could not get enough of the waterslide and I loved the lazy river. I can see us spending a lot of time there even without Sea World.

When we spent time at Sea World, the boys were completely enamoured with all of the animals. The loved the dolphins best and Austin still reminds me to this day that he "had fun with the dolphins" It so sweet that he remembers for however long that may be that we had fun together.

I am so glad that my sister and brother got to join us. The boys completely adore their Uncle Adam and Auntie "Sha Sha" so whenever they are with us the boys are so happy!

Above all, we got to spend time as a family together. The love they showed us melted me to pieces. It made the lack of sleep, the cankles and the effort beyond worth it. Anything for my babies...anything!

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