Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Potty Training Triumphs

Ok, so I, with the help of my amazing sister, have successfully managed to potty train my first born! Yeehaw! I am so excited, relieved and proud. It took roughly three days of what we call "potty training boot camp" and he had it down. We used no diapers, pull ups or padded underwear. It was big boy pants and lots of accidents, but we managed to get er' done! He caught on extremely quickly and was motivated by praise alone. He can be as stubborn as all get out so I did not anticipate this to be quite so easy. Although when I think back to Austins other big milestones like his big boy bed and paci break up, he has really adapted well to the big changes and this one has proven that!

Here are the boys, not the least bit phased by their big boy pants. The wrestling continues, come potty training or not!
We also tried to get Mason on board, hoping he would follow in his brothers footsteps. So far, to no avail. He will stay dry all night so I know he does have bladder control. More than anything, I think we are in a power struggle with my ever so stubborn second child. He will sit on the potty and do nothing only to get up and pee the moment he steps away. Although it would be easy to just give up and try again later, which I may still do, I am still trying to get him there. I still have hope that he will give up the struggle when he realizes that I won't. Only time will tell.
In any case, they both look beyond adorable in their big boy pants. I mean my little bean pole Austin cracks me up with his skinny legs and long torso like his Mama and Mason is an exact duplicate of his Dad with big thighs, short legs and no butt! I can't help but giggle when I look at them.
Needless to say we have been pretty housebound and bored so we decided to make our first cake, well cupcakes, together. Austin has been asking for some and since he has done so good with potty training I decided to treat him.
Check out my little bakers:

And of course, look who's licking the batter!
Enjoying the fruits of their labor:

Some side notes: Austin continues to excel in speech and talks more and more every day! His little voice and his intelligence amaze me. We did blood work today to check his anemia. My little vegetarian is iron deficient and we have been supplementing with vitamins to see if that helps. He was so strong and brave today. He sat in the chair with me and did not utter a peep until the actual stick and even then it was more of a whine than a cry. I realized how much he is growing up. Mason also, got blood work today in an attempt to see what he may be allergic to. Something is causing his entire body to flare up in full body, itchy rashes. We were told it was eczema which it may be, but two dermatologists and two allergists later we finally got someone to try and find the source instead of covering it up with steroids and creams that don't work anyway. I pray that we find an answer so that my little man might find some relief!
Both boys continue to be Mama's boys. I love how snugly and affectionate they are and I hope that continues. I will never get tired of the hugs and kisses.
Austin is almost a swimmer. He has so much more confidence in the water. He goes under, kicks and does such an awesome job at getting himself to the wall. I know our beach week will only add to this confidence.
Mason continues to be completely fearless. He goes under and jumps without a worry in the world. He knows someone will catch him and gal darn he is right.
I am 3 days away from being six months pregnant. This baby is the most active baby to date. S/he kicks and moves constantly and for that I am so grateful! I feel like I might make it after all. I am excited. I am dying to know whether it is a boy or girl. I am so ready to meet him or her. I am ready to be a Mama again and I love each and every (sometimes not so flattering but so worth it) change my body is going through right now. I will be sure to post a 6 month picture very soon!
I continue to give thanks for my family, for our health and for each other. While some days can be stressful, tiresome and chaotic I know that for every struggle we endure, we are blessed ten fold that. God has a plan and I trust in that.

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