Monday, June 1, 2009

Memories Amidst The Chaos

I apologize for not having written sooner. It seems harder and harder to write as the days pass on. I want to, but I also want to keep up with the boys, our home and with my own health. I have been suffering from migraines this trimester. In fact, I can feel one creeping up as we speak and I just had one that lasted nearly 3 days this past week. They are awful and painful but more than anything I hate that I can't be with my children when they come. I hate the toll they take on my body and I worry for the baby in my belly. So far, though, the baby seems to be doing great! I can feel him or her moving a lot now and for that I am ever so grateful. I am looking forward to the next glimpse I am blessed to have of him or her. A little reassurance that all the growth and development is going well. My belly has apparently popped! Everyone I encounter has been telling me this lately and boy do I love to hear it. I love my belly. I love to feel the baby kick. I love to know that I am pregnant at almost 21 weeks! I am so excited for this baby. I haven't yet allowed myself to prepare in any way. I look, I glance, I peek, I dream of pink and blue. Maybe in a couple more months I will start to get a thing or two. In any case, I think I am due for a belly shot. I will get one of those up very soon!
As for the rest of our clan, well... we have been busy! We spent this past weekend at a lake house that we rented with some friends. It was a jumbled mix of chaos, calm, fun and exhaustion. What I do know is when the boys were rested, they had an absolute BLAST! I love to see them outside playing and splashing.

Nap times could get a little hairy for the boys because they are on such a strict schedule at home that when we take them off of the schedule, lets just say they don't do so well... The exhaustion really hits them like a ton of bricks and then we wind up with tantrums that result in kicking, screaming, rolling around on the floor and even some head butting the walls. That part is hard for me because they only want me and yet they don't really want me. So, I sort of have to sit by and make sure they don't hurt themselves until they literally pass out from how tired they are because I can't leave the room and yet I can't touch them either. It wears on me because I am so tired myself, but eventually they sleep and wake up ready to go back outside.
Even as the sun disappeared, we continued to play outside in the sand. The joy I get from seeing them so happy is overwhelming.

Mason loved to eat the sand and Austin was fascinated with the moon. He just gazed up at it like he had never seen it before. I think the sky is so vivid and uncityfied (I totally know that isn't a word) that it appears more beautiful than it does here where we live.

Until, eventually we passed out in bed at night. Mason in my arms and Austin in a big boy bed with Auntie "Sha Sha." I can definetly say that I am so excited to go to the lake when they are older and can handle the lack of schedule better. It has the potential to be insanely relaxing and yet super fun for the kids. I know my husband is in love with it there and I can foresee us spending a lot of time there.
In closing, I wanted to leave you with this...

Memories admist the chaos! Love that!

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