Sunday, October 3, 2010

Love Me Some Octoberrrr!

Fall is in the air and this weekend was a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

Beginning with my loves starting soccer for the first time ever!

It was epic for me!  Getting them all geared up, packing the cooler full of snacks, loading the oh' so appropriate mini with balls and lawn chairs.  Been waiting all the days of my life to be a soccer mom and well, here it is.  They pretty much rocked it!

Or....not so much.

It did in fact take awhile for the boys to man up... but by the end, they ran some and represented. Of course we sponsored the team and we are lovin' the name! Yayyy!

Thursdays practice was awesome. We know there will be more of those days in the future and sooo enjoy seeing the boys rocking it when they do...

( I personally love the tongue of concentration, no idea where he got that from ; )

And in other news...

Mama turned thirty-freaking-one!   

I have been wicked nostalgic lately because last year at this time I was just days away from delivering Paxton.  I was days away from the most surreal, life changing time in my life.  I was full of the most fear and terror I have ever known as I felt him kick inside my belly seemingly perfect, yet filled to the brim with angst wondering if my baby boy would survive.
Oh' time.  It continually fascinates me. Scares me. Excites me.  It's been a year since this...

It's been a year since celebrating my birthday quietly at home with my loves. If you could crawl inside me in this picture, you would feel a knot consuming me. I was preparing to leave my loves for what would wind up being two months, little did I know here. I was devastated beyond measure.  I was, in fact, leaving my whole world behind and headed into an unknown so scary it rocked me. Still rocks me when I allow myself to go there. I never forget all of those feelings.  They have yet to dissipate and time and dates and birthdays bring it all right back to the surface.

But now. Now I have this....

The most amazing, perfect, awesome rock star of a little boy.  When I say I am obsessed, I mean I am o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with this child. Oh' the love that fills me up...

One year later, I am wishing with all of my heart at the surprise party thrown for me...

Surrounded by the best of friends.  Friends who literally carried me through this past year...

Ahh yes... time is bittersweet.  All I can wonder is where will we be next year at this time....

Big hugs and thank you's to each and every one of my dear friends who made my birthday what it was this year.  My heart was overflowing.  It is each one of you that has lifted me up these last twelve months.
So blessed.
Just so blessed.

Cheers to another miraculous year ahead.


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I do not know how I found your blog tonight but it is really neat to read.

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