Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shout Out's

So since I've been living in a hotel room this week and desperately missing my other two boys.  I decided to go through my camera of not downloaded pictures, which is always a lot, and take a looksee at my other loves.

Have I mentioned how gorgeous they are, just sayin!

Yah, they're all mine and man am I proud! I also swore when I became a mother to boys that "mine" would never, ever play with guns, water or otherwise. Well, as you can see that rule went to hell in a handbasket.  I also swore they would never eat french fries out of fear they would become as addicted as I am, likewise, I realize I broke that rule to when I found myself saying "No, we do not eat french fries for breakfast." Never say never this I know. Now.

The boys are doing good in my absence. It seems this crazy year has taught us all a lot, including how to cope without Mom.  Not sure who this was harder for...them or me ; )

I see now that these times apart from the older two were very much needed.  It was as my husband would say "time to cut the cord" and as you can see above we haven't really cut it, but we are working on it. Not sure that I can ever cut it completely cause man these little guys rock my world!

Paxton and I can't get home to them fast enough.  Hopefully after his feeding tube surgery tomorrow we will be able to high tail it home to our loves. After just receiving the news today that Paxtons heart appears to be "perfect for his anatomy" post cardiac cat scan under anesthesia, we are keeping em' crossed that this is it for awhile, aside from all his check ups. 
 I know, I know freaking gorgeous! We are accepting applications for any Baby Gap or baby Magazine ad, cause really which one of these kids wouldn't sell millions.  Ok, I'll stop now ; )


PS-sending out big, BIG prayers to Paxtons heart brother Asher (aka Chublet) as he undergoes surgery tomorrow.  

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