Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Fell In Love

So yesterday we returned from a long weekend trip to O.H.I.O,  kid free I might add.  Ohio is where my husband was born and where he spent the first half of his childhood. Most of his family members remain there, which explains why we went to a wedding for his cousin.
We spent a couple extra days there so he could drive me around and to say the least, I fell in love...

Like really, really fell in love.

For once I am not talking about my children cause we all already know the depths of that love.

 I am talking about this:

We were in God's country.  There were no strip malls, condominiums or subdivisions surrounding us.  There was land as far as the eye could see, not a sound to be heard except crickets chirping their songs and the sweet smell of fresh cut grass or maybe that's just the smell of the country... I opened the windows as we drove breathing what may have been the freshest air ever. It seemed to rejuvenate me, add life.

I imagined the boys and I running through the corn fields, jumping bails of hay and opening the doors to let them run wild  because there are no cars to worry about when your house is in the middle of nowhere.  In fact, there isn't a whole lot to worry about.  Life there is simple, slow.  Children have zero entertainment except their imaginations and isn't that a beautiful thing.

 I got the feeling as we drove that maybe I was a farmers wife in my previous life. I felt at home. Happy. Peaceful.
And that I may never eat another piece of meat again. These cows were so sweet with their doe eyes, chewing grass, looking at us so gently as we drove by.

Then I remembered that I like my phone

That I like to dress and up and very much disapprove of overalls ; )

And that the closest Target may very well be in the next state, which immediately confirmed that while we will definetly  be visiting the country to run the corn fields, jump hay bails and catch lightening bugs in glass jars we will always be returning home.
Suburbia. Yah, it's for us.

This though, will be waiting.

Our mini getaway was just what we needed. The tears that would not cease upon our departure (this was the first time I had ever left Paxton) quickly dried up when once we hit 40,000 feet.  I felt a relaxation I haven't felt in a good long while this year. I read a lot. I loved on my husband who very much needed some t.l.c since it's been all about Paxton lately. I napped . My husband and I laughed belly laughs.  We S.L.E.P.T! We danced.

And when we made it home, we gave thanks to God almighty for getting us home safe and sound to our children because damn we missed them.

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Neha said...

So glad that you were able to take this well-deserved break!

Loved the pictures...so calm and serene

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