Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is just around the bend and it obviously tends to make people stop and reflect upon what they are most grateful for.  This time of year just does that to ya! I myself have been spending the last 24 hours in a playback movie of my life the last couple of years and boy do I have a lot to be thankful for this 2009.  We have one heck of a year behind us and one heck of a year ahead of us. For us, our greatest blessings are smiling at us each day.

As we head into the holiday as a family having been separated for all to long, we know that while we have never taken each other for granted, we will no longer ever let the little things take precedence over each other. The clean freak that I am has learned to let it all go and spend each precious moment with my children and husband, for it will surely be still be there when I am good and ready.  My husband has found an appreciation for me that he may have never known was there until he was thrust into "Mr. Mom" role overnight (and amazingly good at it too).  I am blown away by the man he has become and stand in awe of how he has chosen to handle all of this. We have a new found appreciation for each other, all of us, even our young children, seem to understand the gravity of all that has happened in the past few months.  Even they stop for the extra kiss, cling a little tighter and hug a little longer.  Life has blessed us with just that; a still very raw reminder of the fragility that is this life.  
Soon, very soon, God willing we will have our family under one roof, and man are we ready. This Thanksgiving my husband and I give thanks for our children and all that they have taught us and continue to teach us. We give thanks that Paxton made it into our family and fought to stay with us each and every day for the last 2 months. We give thanks for the amazing doctors and nurses that cared for him through this journey. We are grateful for the renewed strength our marriage has experienced in our time apart, for we chose to grow stronger from this and not weaker. We are grateful for our party of 5 and for all of our extended family, our friends, and our readers.  

Enjoy your holidays! 

Life is what you make of it, so make it GOOD!

And stay tuned... you won't want to miss the next post!

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Neha said...

It will be a very happy moment for me too once Praxton joins you all and that will sure be very very soon! the kind of patience and perseverence that you all have shown and the zeal and determination that Praxton has been blessed with are commendable. May God bless you all with love, happiness and togetherness always!

NanaNor's said...

Thanksgiving Blessings to you Jenn and yours. I am thankful that I came across your blog from Lynnette and thankful for the testimony of your family and your lives. Hugs to you-may our Lord pour out His richest blessings on each of you this year.
Hugs, Noreen

Anonymous said...

I am so greatful for your posts. It has made me realize how important the little moments in life are. You are such an inspiring women and mom. Keep up the great work.

Jenifer said...

Jenn, what a beautiful family you have! Paxton and your family will be in my prayers. There is something so special about Mommies and their little boys. They sure do love their mommas! Thanking God for the wonderful mother you are to your little ones, especially Paxton. I pray that God gives you strength in your times of weakness, hope in your darkest moments and that you feel His presence around you when you feel the most alone.

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