Saturday, November 21, 2009

Frick And Frack

Why would we not put our toy animals in the straw of our sippy cup...

or shove fistfuls of food in our mouths...

Because then you get this...

and this! at home with boys! How I freaking love it!

Paxton had a good day today. Mommy held him nearly the entire time and he finally got his first bottle this evening, of which he gulped down in approximately 2.4 seconds! Tomorrow, we work on weaning him off his i.v. medications.  Keep your fingers crossed that this goes well. Paxton has not had great luck in the past with this.
Sadly, Daddy did not get to come see us this weekend, because everyone has colds on the home front and we can't risk Paxton getting sick.  We miss our Sundays with Daddy, but are hoping to be enjoying them at HOME with Daddy very soon!

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Gretchen said...

Yea to eating!! And hope Paxton does REALLY WELL at loosing the IV meds :) Just well enough that you are ready to go homw when everyone at home is ALL BETTER :)

Big hugs to you!!! The journeys are often hard, but those that walk them grow deep faith!

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