Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Sh*%!

Remember in the last post when I wrote stay tuned cause shits about to get good... Well, indeed it did.  Looong story short.  My dad was adopted. By amazingggg parents I might add.  (My birth mom whom I don't keep in contact with was adopted too, so I, myself, am quite the "mutt" ; ) Anyway, my dads birth family found him a couple of months ago. Caught completely off guard with a random phone call  at work has multiplied our family by many.

And did I mention they are the muthaload of people to by multiplied by too.  Kind, open, obsessed with family, do anything for you, tell it like it is, wish they were there all along kind of people.  Austin adored them and quite frankly for those who know us, if that boy loves you it's a given the rest of us will. He's kinda picky when it comes to letting down his guard, but you wouldn't have known it 2 hours into our first meeting.

I found myself getting introspective at times when I really thought about the situation.  They are my family in the true "gene" form.  Dad and I hadn't ever known that aside from each other.  So to see the resemblances in his brothers, to learn about the Grandma I never knew and hear my aunt talk about my "Uncles" was bittersweet.  They are my Uncles, and that is something I haven't ever really said so I found myself forgetting to add that title to their names. Dad has 3 brothers and a sister who has since passed away. That, there, is a big awesome family!!!! A big, awesome family we fully intend to spend all of Christmas vacation visiting. We have never not been here for Christmas. It's going to be weird and at times I get nervous thinking about it because new people and new towns tend to make me that way, but I just know it will be epic.  Life changing.

Then there's the part that makes me giggle every time I think about it. Have you all ever heard the saying that daughters tend to find a man similar to their dad....
Well I can say there are definitely similarities in my Dad and Dave. They both have wicked sense of humors and love to laugh. But man alive is it crazy how much my husband and my Dads brother are alike. Like legit could be long lost twins...The whole time we all kept going "it's crazy how alike they are!"

So yah' shit got good and I know there is a lot more good coming our way. We have expanded. In such an awesome way. What a gift that they were able to find my Dad.  They didn't rest until they did either.  The stories gave me goose bumps.  Life is so incredible like that... For all that my Dad has been through, he has now come full circle. He can close that chapter of wonder he has had open for so long and know that his birth mom is in heaven smiling her happiest smile right now knowing that all her boys are back together.  I gotta tell you, as high strung as Dad and I are, I sure see a change in him since being reunited with his family...  Just goes to show you sometimes the deepest corners of your heart play a role you didn't even realize they were playing.

Without further ado... I introduce to you our new family!!! There are more to come....This is just the first round we kids got to meet, the others will come hopefully sooner rather than later! Dad has already flown up to meet them.

They are so kick a*%, they bee bopped down here to meet us kids and brought their jet ski's with. Jet ski's I might add, that go faster than my car, jet ski's my sister nearly killed me on. In any case it was an amazingggg day. One of those days, my boys will bring up randomly months from now and I will realize the impact it had on them...

it should be duly noted that my dad has the worst motion sickness of anyone on the planet. for him to be on this boat is UNHEARD of. 


We are t- minus FOUR days until the lake.... Oh' have we got excited, can't stop asking how many more days even though they already know how many, boys up in here!!!!  And lets be real, I am counting  too.  I wish my Nanny Max was here because last year she did EVERYTHING and I just showed up. Yah' she was that awesome! Literally she was the "Kaci to my Jessica" and part of this years visit will not be the same without her because who else would ride the banana car down the hill full speed ahead....

We are ready!!! I have jet ski riding, boat driving, doctor cleared boys ready to stay up way to late and rise far to early.  S'ok though because the most I have to do is throw us all in suits and wander our way 100 yards east to the dock where we will play alllll day looonnnggg.   I make it sound so easy right... I will have to sunscreen the shit out of 3 babes, feed them, medicate them, make sure they don't drown, reapply sunscreen, feed them again, run them to go poop, make sure they don't drown still, ensure they don't break a limb, break up fights, lecture them to share, be kind and "make good choices" (cause I always do),  feed them again with a grand finale of jumping hoops and doing serious bribery to get them to sleep in a house and beds that aren't theirs.  It's going to be awesome. Seriously! ; )
Honestly though,  I have the best three little boys when it comes to being outside and in the water.  I may have scratch marks to prove the sunscreen battle, but they truly LOVE being outside, on the water, near it or in it and I rarely have to break out my serious mommy tactics whenever we are on, near or in that water so life will most certainly be good in T-MINUS FOUR DAYSSSS! Booyah!

Until I check in from Lake June, Florida, y'all keep it real!

Love and hugs~

PS~ I was asked to "be real" in a comment I received on the blog about Paxton's eyes. The reader wanted to know if I photo shopped them...

Here's my answer to that:

I wake up, change kids, feed them, clean up their morning mess, run them to swim lessons, or laser therapy, or "well child visits" and the like,  run back home, feed them again, run back out for this that and the other ( sometimes food because without Nanny Max sometimes we don't even have food here) back out to occupational therapy, back home to feed them the food I hastily bought, bathe them, practice writing their names, remind them umteen times that I'm serious its time for bed~for real this time, chase them around the house getting them into bed, proceed to go back and forth putting pax BACK in his bed approximately 150 times before he gives up and passes out from all his wasted effort, clean up again, then collapse on the couch out of breath and exhausted.
NO~ I do not photo shop my photos. In fact, most of my photos are i phone pictures, hence the blurriness, because I am to lazy/forget the good camera I actually own.  I can barely get a shower in most days, let alone spend time editing photos.  Those are my sons actual eyes. They are that amazing and everywhere I go someone comments on them and I give the same response every time. "I wish I could say it was me who gave those to him, but alas they are his daddy's eyes through and through."  And yes they are real, I have been asked that too. I kindly informed that ( really smart) person that no, I did not have an eye transplant done on my toddler and no, I do not put contacts in his eyes each morning to make them that gorgeous, they are in fact, that beautiful.

as depicted from way back when, he has always had those baby blues... i hear they run in the whole family...

I am sure you completely understand Mom of 4 Monkeys ; )


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. I'm a heart mummy too and its so encouraging to read about your sweet boy. Thank you for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,
Its Ryann.
I just wanted to tell you that I think about you and your family a lot and I miss the boys. I'm really happy pax is okay. God bless.

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

;0). Yep I figured, lol! Good luck keeping the girls away from those baby blues!

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