Thursday, May 26, 2011

Picture Perfect

Don't ya just want to eat. them. up.  Slices of heaven they are!
We have welcomed Summer weather here in South Florida.  As in,  sweating profusely from sun up to sun down, blasting the AC and wishing I was loaded enough to have the remote starter so I don't have to wait approximately a year for the air to be cold enough to not feel like my lungs are deflating.  Yah'  it's the dead of Summer around here boiling point hitting  say oh'... 98 degrees.
The only way to truly get comfortable round these parts is to submerge oneself in water.  Our days consist of finishing up the last couple weeks of school, coming home for happy naps and playing in the hose, on the slip n' slide or making our swing set slide a pool slide and whipping down it like "Superheros"

My favorite face that Pax makes.  His "ball" face.

Mason insists on having "some cheers" every time we have a drink!  So cheers it is!

The boys fakes "cheeeese" smiles

Pax is a tad spoiled and knows it. Here lies one of his infamous tantrums that always end in him throwing himself on the ground in a fit.

When the days seem hard and my heart is heavy, I just turn on the hose, lather up my babies and head for the back yard.  Their giggles, enormous smiles and bare bottoms always lift me up.


It will be going on 3 weeks next week that I took my trip to South Carolina.  Feels like it was just yesterday and yet a lifetime ago all at the same time.  It was everything that I have needed for a long time.  I have never traveled alone.  It was kinda cool riding solo.  I put my earphones in and fell asleep on the plane listening to Lady Antebellum.  I got there and hung out with two of the coolest, easiest people to talk to ever.  Literally I don't think we shut up the entire time.  It was shopping, stuffing face, baby talk, margarita drinking, baby loving fun!  I slept like I haven't slept in forever.  It. was. epic.  Sleep is my best friend and lord knows we have long since broken up, so that little ron de vu was amazingly restorative.

Oh Jackson Ford. I adore you beyond measure beautiful boy!  I so hope I get to be your Godmother since your Mama told me I am in the running ; )

Is there anything better.....

Love you Mom!

Believe it or not I was sober when I decided to ride this horse.  He was just calling out my name the whole time I was there so ,on the last night I saddled up ; )

I will be going back up in July to spend a long weekend with my girls again. It is a little place of peace for me.  I cannot wait to be back.

It's late. Time to go to bed and try to calm my mind.  My babies are doing well.  Pax is walking and talking his face off and loves to give kisses.  Austin is like all grown up and will no doubt be taller than my 5'2" self before he turns 7. And Mason oh' Mason he who adores his Mommy like no other.  Mason may be the smartest 3 year old to walk the planet.  Tonight he called me, and I quote, "a genius"  Really cause I didn't learn what genius meant until I was like 15, how does a 3 year old know this... and he used it correctly of course, because I am in fact, a genius ; )  

I'll leave you with a few more pics of my boo's.  

I may be a little biased, but ya'll know where to reach me when you want to sign these boys for a modeling contract ; )

The boys and I's sign for I love you...oh Austin~bestill my heart.

Goodnight Moon


cici said...

If only Austin was about 20 years older I would demand his hand in marriage for my daughter, he is so adorable, just like your other men.
Be Proud Mom, Be so very Proud!

Neha said...

Love, love, love this post!!! It just made my weekend!!! The pictures are so refreshing and yes, I'd like a slice of your heaven too!! Your boys are J.U.S.T S.O L.O.V.E.L.Y!!!! I adore them!!! My Favorite is of the 3 of them together looking up!!

Btw, the temperature in the plains here in India has crossed 115-120 degrees!!! It's getting worse by the day and monsoons are expected not until July!!!

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