Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To All My Peeps

We are home. Having been gone for two weeks, there has been a lot to catch up on.  I am finally able to sit down and write a quick post.  I am beyond grateful to be back to everyday life.  Those days in the hospital where time seems eternal make a person appreciate the every day little things all the more.

I have a lot of shout out's to throw out there, like people that rise to the occassions and help my family and I, when at the drop of hat, we have to leave for the hospital.  I could list off names for five minutes, but you know who you are. My chauffers, nannies, errand runners, sleep catcher uppers, clothes bringing, eye roller, diet coke getting,  baby boy loving, spirit lifting peeps! Even my blog readers near and far that either leave comments or send me personal emails, thank you!  You'll never know how much hearing from you makes my day.

And I am grateful for my baby boy who always keeps me grounded.  Who always reminds me that while this is surely going to be a long road, it is so worth the fight.

I plan to write more, but for now, for tonight, girlfriends gotta sleep.  I am still not quite caught up on the lack of sleep those two weeks brought me and the stress no doubt took it's toll on my body. I am getting there, slowly, day by day and each day Pax remains stable is another day I breathe a sigh of relief.

Night night termites!  Sweet, sweet dreams, you all know the love affair I have with never, never land...



~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

YaY! I am so happy to hear this. I hope things continue going well and you can get everything caught back up. I am sure you will have everything done in no time- you're super mom! ;)

cici said...

we love you baby girl... rest well!

Neha said...

Really very happy to read this. Hope Paxton's condition stays stable and you all enjoy Christmas as one happy family! God bless you both!

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