Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Fourth

Oh' what a wonderful weekend we had, daily life put aside, just soaking each other in.  
It has been a long standing tradition in our family to pack up and have a staycation at the beach for the holiday.  
This year was no different.  Paxton and I returned just in time to unpack and pack again. 

To say the least, the boys were over the moon.  They are obsessed with swimming, running wild and most of all they are in love with staying at "hotowels"  They quickly learned that hotels mean vacations and time away from home.  So asking to go to the "hotowels" never ceases around here.  

(I just love this antiquey look to pictures, and yes I know that's not actually a word ;)


We spent time soaking up the sun, swimming and....

Snacking... (West family loves some grubbin')

(Pretzel Firecrackers: Pretzel rods, tub of frosting and holiday themed sprinkles. Wala! Happy Kids)

Playing On The Beach (Or pouring sand on brothers head, but who needs details ; )

And when they could take no more, they literally passed out poolside. Have I mentioned how I want to come back as a West boy. The life~ oh' yes they do!

Well...some of us passed out.  Mr. No Sleep pretty much refused all weekend which explains the bags and intense need for way to sugary daquiris to keep me going!

And as the sun set on Americas celebration of freedom day, here was the view from our "hotowel" room

The boys waiting not so patiently to go see the fireworks only to realize...

Holy hell this is kinda scary.

So one hid in the stroller (i.e. the biggest, oldest child snagged that and yes the white on Austins face is his vitiligo, but he is so gorgeous he rocks it!)

One that had it written all over his face. "Mommy hold you!" That's what Mason says when he wants me to hold him. 

And one that very literally bugged out ; ) Boys got some eyes! On a side note, I am pretty sure glow sticks are non toxic....oh' heck, can't be that bad, he's as wide eyed and bushy tailed as ever. Ahem...still no sleep. Just sayin...

Mommy and Daddy weren't scared though, we were just happy as well...clams...on the beach with our babies surrounding us.   Again, I realized how very pregnant and oblivious I was last year at this time...
Just freaking amazing what can happen in a years time!

And just around the time the show was over our boys "manned up" enough to enjoy it.

(Thank you Morgans for loving our boys so!)

These are the days and they are priceless...

Wonder where we will be next Independence Day...



~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Great pictures Jenn! I am so glad you and your family had a wonderful 4th.

Lorena M said...

Looks like you all had fun. I love the bugged eye look, so funny. I think if fireworks were quieter they would be enjoyed more by the little ones, my 2 year old was scared too. I love how Paxton looks at you so much love and you can see it just ooze out of him. You are gonna be in big trouble when all three become teenagers the girls are going to hang around your house, I'm just saying, LOL.

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