I have gotten several emails asking various questions and it is here that I will answer them to the best of my ability!  Should you have one, feel free to email me!

Q: Where do you get the floaties I see in all of the pictures of the boys swimming?

A. The floaties are called Puddlejumpers and they are now available at Target. I got mine from One Step Ahead online. It is one size fits most and by lordy these things kicks water wings you know what. My kids have never worn water wings, ever. It's always been puddlejumpers. I feel that the band around the chest gives kids much more stability in the water than just floaties.

Q: Where do I get the colorful and comfy clothes my boys wear?

A.  Most of my kids clothing is from baby Gap or Mini Boden.  Both of which last forever and really I would know because we have some outfits now going on round 3!  Mini Boden makes the most comfortable play clothes ever!

Q: How do I do it with my children so close together?

A.  I often hear how "I have my hands full!" and while that I do, I have them full because I chose to.  My husband and I knew that we wanted to have our children close together and that is exactly what we did.  We would have four children had we not lost one.  We love and thrive off of the chaos. It's all about schedules and organization.  Every single thing in my house has a home. Everything is labeled.  On my good days, there is extra stock of anything that may be needed. I try to stay on top of things as much as possible. This is not to say it's all easy as pie.  There are most certainly days where I think I may lose my mind, but I never do because I have lost one baby and have another who is pretty sick and somehow that really makes one appreciate it all and never take it for granted, and I am so grateful for that gift.

Q: (This one makes me laugh) What time do I go to bed?

A. Um...right now, far to late. Between 11 and midnight and since I work out in the wee hours this does not leave a lot of room for sleep.  I try to be in bed and asleep by midnight which allows me about 4 hours of solid sleep given that the baby sleeps through the night. Then I get up at 4 to change and feed him so he sleeps until I get home from working out at 6:00.  It's crazy, I know and I hit a wall every single day, but working out is SOO important to me.  I may be tired, but feeling good about myself wins out over the exhaustion!

Q: How did I lose the baby weight with three so close together?

Truthfully, this question is silly because anyone can "lose the baby weight" if they put their minds to it.  I first found out I was pregnant in January of 2006.  After giving birth to our first son in September 2006, I then, much to our surprise, found out I was pregnant again just three months post partum.  Giving birth to our second son in September 2007.  From there we continued on to miscarry in 2008 and give birth to Paxton in 2009.  I was pregnant for a very, very long time.  By choice of course, however, by the time Pax came along, I was done being big. I wanted my body back.  I have always been a runner, it's pretty much in blood, graciously handed down to me by my Dad, who continues to pound the pavement to this day.  So I started back running.  After having spent the first two months of Paxtons life living in a hospital, I knew I needed an outlet.  Next thing I knew come January, just 3 months post partum, I ran my first half marathon since just before my first pregnancy.  It was awesome, hard, pushed me to my limits tough and beyond rewarding.  I felt freer than I had since finding out his diagnosis.  A couple months later I ran another one and felt like I could conquer the world.  When I felt tired I thought of the sleepless nights we spent together in the hospital fighting for life.  When I thought I hurt, images of my baby having just had his chest cut open, medically paralyzed, popped into my head, and I realized I didn't know what hurt was.  I ran like the wind. I let all of the previous months fuel me and they did.  Today, nearly a year later, I rise in the wee hours and do cross fit at 5 am.  Cross fit has gotten me in the best shape of my life.  Running got me in shape, but cross fit has mean lean and ever so much stronger. I do it for my weight, but I also do it for my mental health. It is my stress relief when I have nothing else. Every Mom should have that outlet. Try it for yourself. Fight through the first couple of weeks and reap the rewards. : )

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